Bizness Magazine offers a unique opportunity to business owners and professionals to reach the English speaking market with an elegant medium that has captivated an audience that understands and appreciates quality. Advertisers can now promote their business in a prestigious magazine, allowing them to separate themselves from the crowd. Our advertisers are endowed with a high level of “trust by association”, as our readers strongly associate our brand with quality and credibility.

Bizness Magazine is directed to the Israeli Anglo population. The magazine features a wide range of articles for the general population including topics such as real estate, home décor and architecture, medicine, psychology, insurance, mortgages, law, personal finance, personal coaching, business finance, general interest stories, recipes, music and art among many others. The magazine features interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs who operate a wide range of companies and organizations. In addition, the magazine contains a variety of articles designed to assist, advise and encourage small business owners and entrepreneurs to successfully launch and grow their businesses to their full potential.

Bizness Magazine printed edition is a full size, full color, high quality publication that readers have come to rely on as their main source of leisure and general interest related information. Our readers take time to enjoy our magazine; they read the articles and interviews, and look at the graphics and information in the ads. The magazine effectively reaches the homes of your audience and stays in their homes for many months and years, as our readers collect the issues for future reference.

The printed edition magazine is distributed once a month, at no cost, to every household in selected areas with predominant Anglo-Saxon population. Bizness Magazine has now entered its 6th year in the market and is celebrating by launching this website. The printed edition magazine is currently reaching most households in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Sheinfeld, Nofei Aviv, Har Nof, Rehavia, German Colony, Shaarei Chesed, Ramat Eshkol, Arzei Habira, Minhat Yitzchak, Beltz, Mem Gimmel among others. In addition, we are in the process of launching our Ranaana edition.

Bizness Magazine has captured the interest of both the English-speaking community in Israel and the middle upper class sector of the Israeli population who reads and speaks English fluently. This has provided above average exposure for our advertisers, resulting in long term advertising contracts boasting an 85% of the current advertising coming from repeat clients.

We look forward to discussing the best way to promote your business and maximize your exposure within the Anglo population and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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