It Suits You An Interview with Luxury Suit Tailor Pavel Frenkel

Pavel Frenkel began studying the art of tailoring as a 16-year-old youth growing up in Russia. He made aliyah two years later, going straight into the army for his mandatory service. During that time, he did some tailoring work on the side for various Israeli companies. 

Upon being released from the army, he opened a shop on King George Street: Frenkel Luxury Tailoring. At first he offered alterations only, but then, as the business grew, he began to sew custom-made suits for his clients. During the 26 years the shop has been in business, Frenkel has always insisted on impeccable quality in materials and craftsmanship, earning him a reputation as the go-to suit maker for customers who appreciate the finest tailoring. 

What kind of tailoring services do you offer? 

We specialize in custom-tailoring high-quality suits for both men and women and  professional alterations of all types of clothing, including  garments made of leather, fur or denim. Additionally, we check suits for shatnez. 

What makes your service different from that of other tailors? 

In a word: quality. 99% of tailors don’t know how to properly handle high-end suits. They actually destroy the suits in the process of alteration. Shatnez checks, too, require professional handling: you have to open up the suit, and most tailors don’t know how to close it back up in a professional manner. 

Luxury, delicate or otherwise challenging garments are our specialty. Our customers’ suits return to them better than new. 

Who is your typical clientele? 

Our customers are people who appreciate fine quality in clothing. Many of them are from the United States or France, where they were used to a high standard. Once you’ve taken a drive with a Mercedes, it’s hard to go back to a Toyota. People who understand suits and love to wear high-quality clothing know it’s worth the investment. It’s a completely different level of quality. 

People bring us suits worth tens of thousands of shekels; they don’t want to risk ruining them! They know they can trust us to preserve the quality and value of their suits. 

How does the process of ordering a custom-made suit work? 

We have a catalogue of models, and we sit down with the customer to discuss what he likes—what kind of buttons and how many, pockets, collar, single-breasted, double-breasted… we discuss every detail. Then we help the customers choose the cloth and take precise measurements. The client gets his new suit within 3-4 weeks. 

What type of cloth do you work with? 

We work with a number of leading brands from Italy and the UK, including Scabal and Carnet. We offer our customers a wide selection—hundreds of options—of the finest cloth, and we order what they choose especially for them. Often, tailors in Israel ask their customers to purchase their own cloth. We take care of this step for our clients. 

What’s the advantage of purchasing a high-end suit and then taking it to you for alterations, versus having you sew a suit from scratch? 

The brand is very important to some people. Other than that, there is no advantage. They could order directly from me and the suit would be just as high quality and at a much more reasonable price. 

About the Business 

Frenkel Luxury Tailoring offers custom tailoring and alteration services for high-end men’s and women’s suits. 

Visit or call:  

25 King George Street (corner of Hillel 1), Jerusalem 

02- 625-1413 


Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9am – 7pm Friday and Erev Chag 9am- 2pm 

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