Tapping into Your Body’s Wisdom for Optimal Health Insights from Jerusalem naturopath, Shana Neril

“The body knows what it needs to create balance and vibrant health. Yet we are living in challenging times. With more stress in our lives and pollution in our environment, it is essential that we tap into the knowledge that our bodies hold about how we can truly heal,” says Shana Neril, director of the Jerusalem-based naturopathic practice at Maayan Health. 

Shana has been involved in holistic health for over 15 years. After completing her B.A. in psychology at New York University, she studied Ayurveda, detoxification therapy and meditation instruction at various institutions in California. Later, she studied Naturopathy, Nutritional Counseling and Chinese Medicine at Reidman College as well as Health Kinesiology in Jerusalem. After taking on a religious Jewish lifestyle and making Aliyah, Shana established the Maayan Health Center in Jerusalem. 

Why don’t people fully heal?  

According to Shana, toxins, poor digestion, nutritional deficiencies, old injuries and genetic weakness are among the most common reasons that prevent people from healing on the physical level. One can also have blocked energy on the spiritual and emotional level that can prevent a physical condition from healing.    

“Many people’s attempts to eat healthily may be undermined by poor nutrient absorption due to weak digestion. Often times, old injuries create tissue weakness at nearby organs. This can be a root of persisting health issues. Many people also take synthetic supplements of poor quality which may not be resonant with their biofield.” 

A study testing herbal products using DNA barcoding found that false ingredients not listed on the label occurred in 30 of the 44 products. Only two of the twelve tested companies sold products without any substitution, contamination or fillers (BMC Medicine, 2013). 

Shana explains that the extent to which a clinician can offer remedies of the highest efficacy is of extreme importance. “A correct diagnosis with incorrect or poor-quality remedies is a key factor why many people remain ill.” 

For example, Esther came to Shana to address chronic colds and food intolerances. She told Shana that she ate a healthy diet and had tried taking a number of supplements that she purchased at the health food store. Shana muscle tested her and discovered that her lungs and large intestines were weak. She also found that a previous cesarean section had contributed to a weakening of her digestive organs. 

After a month of taking the foods and supplements that tested resonant with her biofield and receiving a treatment that restored function to her digestive organs, Esther no longer had frequent illness and she began tolerating many new foods. 

At Maayan Health, Shana Neril draws primarily from quantum reflex analysis which strengthens weak organs through identifying the most effective remedies and detoxification therapy which causes damaged body tissue to regenerate and heal.   

Together the integration of these modalities has enabled Shana’s clients to heal from situations relating to metabolic issues like insulin resistance, heart disease, and obesity; digestive issues like reflux, IBS and colitis; hormonal imbalance such as PCOS, premenstrual syndrome and difficult menopause; and issues relating to chronic pain and autoimmune disorders. 

Going beyond the physical for deeper healing 

Research from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 found that psychological stress had a direct impact on the body’s ability to regulate inflammation. This showed that stress can cause disease to develop or worsen. Through the use of techniques for spiritual and emotional healing, Shana has consistently seen physical ailments heal or significantly improve in cases where there was a need to go beyond the physical level as part of the healing process.   

For example, Sarah, who suffered from joint pain, depression, and allergies, shared that soon after her divorce there was a significant worsening of her ailments. In addition to balancing the organs that muscle tested weak with the appropriate nutrition and supplements, they worked together on the internal factors that had been putting her under tremendous stress. After three months, Sarah was pain free, her allergies had subsided and she had unexpectedly lost weight. Additionally, she felt a new sense of empowerment and joy! 

“I believe in empowering people with the knowledge and tools needed to take healing into their own hands, and self-sustain vibrant health of body, mind and soul,” Shana emphasizes “Vibrant health is our birthright.” 

Maayan Health, founded by Shana Neril, is a premier Jerusalem-based naturopathy and healing center. Integrating diagnostic and therapeutic tools from a wide variety of disciplines, Maayan Health tailors an individual approach to assist each client in achieving optimal health. In addition to her private clinic, workshops are held regularly on topics such as detoxification, weight loss and breaking sugar addiction for the Jerusalem community. 

Shana can be reached at  054-771-9432 

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