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Your Home Away From Home: Why Owning a Vacation Home in the Galil Is an Excellent Investment

You’ve worked hard, raised a beautiful family, and the time has come to take some time off to relax and kick your feet up in the country. Where do you go to get some fresh air, privacy and tranquility? 

Northern Israel is a popular vacation destination, with its rolling green hills and proximity to many popular tourist sites. You can dip your toes in the Kinneret, take a hike in the Golan, visit kivrei tzaddikim and browse the colorful artist’s colony in Tzfat. Or stop for lunch in one of the excellent restaurants of Tveria and then take a scenic drive up to the Golan to watch the sun set over the Galil. There are many hotels and tzimmerim to choose from in the area, but have you considered the advantages of purchasing your own vacation home in the north? 

The Financial Aspect 

Tzimmers and hotel rooms are fun, but they can get pricey, especially if you are a frequent vacationer. Prices can range from around 600 NIS per night at a cheap, simple place, to upwards of 3,000 NIS per night for something fancy. Large families often need several rooms or tzimmers to accommodate them. It can really add up. 

When you own a vacation home, not only do you not need to pay each time you stay there, you can rent it out to other vacationing families when you’re not there, making it pay for itself—and become a potential source of income. 

Comfort & Convenience 

Have you ever put down a significant sum of money for a tzimmer or hotel room, only to find when you get there that it’s far from what you expected and what you saw on the website, or be up half the night because the mattress isn’t what you’re used to? When you own the place, you don’t have to worry about whether the beds will be comfortable or the layout will be convenient—you get to decide how the place will be furnished and decorated, with your own tastes and comforts in mind. You get to choose the location, as well, making sure that you’re in a convenient spot—far enough from the city to enjoy the views and the quiet, but not so far that you don’t have easy access to the services and comforts the city provides. You decide what kind of community you want to be in during your vacations and what neighbors you’ll feel comfortable with. 

Hotels mean a lot of navigating common spaces with other guests. Between the lobby, the elevators, the hallways, the pool, and especially the noisy, bustling dining room, they’re just not ideal for a tranquil vacation with your family. All the more so if you have children and grandchildren in the family who need to take naps or find wide open spaces to run around and play. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in a hotel room with a sleeping baby while the rest of the family is downstairs enjoying dinner in the dining room, or not finding a private quiet spot to spend with your family. 

Tzimmers provide you more flexibility, but there’s still the matter of not knowing whether the place will meet your standards and needs—especially if you plan to cook for yourself, and you keep kosher. 

When you have your own vacation home, you get to arrange the place exactly as you need it, so you can focus less on logistics and more on enjoying your family. 

And then there’s the matter of availability: you never know when your favorite tzimmer or hotel will be all booked just when you need a vacation. Your vacation home, on the other hand, will always be there waiting for you when you want it. 

The Perfect Place to Enjoy Your Family 

If you choose to purchase a vacation home, such as those available at Ahuzat Hashvatim in Yavneel, you also won’t need to worry about the logistics of a multi-generational family vacation. The villas at Ahuzat Hashvatim have five bedrooms and four bathrooms, with an option to expand. These homes are also all on one level, with no steps, making them particularly appropriate for retiring couples who want to be sure the place will stay accessible if their mobility becomes limited later on. 

Life is short, and research shows that developing close and meaningful family relationships is one of the most important keys to a happy life. What a wonderful gift to give yourself and your family: a place to create happy memories together, a place that can be passed down to your children and their children, so your family will continue making wonderful memories and enjoying each other’s company in an idyllic setting—and will cherish those memories for generations to come. 

About the Project Manager

Josh Adler is an experienced builder and project manager with almost 30 years’ experience. His current project, Achuzat Ha’shvatim, still has plots available for those with the dream of a family vacation home in one of the most beautiful and affordable places in Israel.

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