10 Ways to Make Your New House Your Home

By Jennifer Ungar

Buying a new place and moving in is thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming trying to figure
out where to put everything. It’s only natural to want to put your personal stamp on the space; after all, unless you’ve built your dream home from scratch, it’s likely that the finishes, fixtures
and paint colors were chosen according to the previous owner’s tastes.
Where do you begin? I’ve put together 10 ideas, some big and some small, that should help make your house feel like¸home.
Make a splash with your front door.¸Believe it or not, the door is something small that can make a big impact. Painting your front door is less expensive than painting your entire apartment but will give that polished first impression. While you’re choosing a paint color, consider
whether you want to update the hardware as well. After all, changing the locks when you move into a new house or apartment is always a good idea. You can cross both security and aesthetics off your list easily
by installing some shiny new hardware that will give¸your entrance a fresh look.

2 Put up family photos.¸Getting your favorite photos up on the wall is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a new place feel like home; don’t put it off. If you’re concerned about making holes in the walls before you know where everything will go, pick up some removable picture-hanging strips to use instead of nails.

3 Switch out the kitchen faucet.¸If your kitchen faucet has seen better days, consider
swapping it for a sleek new one. This simple change can transform your kitchen, yet costs relatively little compared to a complete kitchen remodel. Just be sure to coordinate it with the existing hardware, or swap some other hardware (like the sink or cupboard door handles) at the same time for a bigger change.
4 Accent a wall—or two.¸Picking colors for the entire apartment at once can be a daunting prospect. Save yourself some money and trouble by just committing to painting an accent wall or two in the interim. Getting color up on those walls will give you that ‘owner’s feeling’ and can help
determine the rest of your colors.

5 Use wallpaper in a smaller room. Are you ready for a more challenging project? Although it is a bit harder to do in Israel, a fun, statement wallpaper can really put your stamp on a smaller room. A lesser-used space is a great place to experiment with bold patterns and color. Just be aware: if you wallpaper a bathroom (with a shower or tub), you should choose a product that can withstand the humidity and avoid wallpapering in the “splash zone”.

6 Change a light fixture.¸You can rejuvenate a room by swapping a boring outdated
piece for something more stylish. And if there’s a space that could use an overhead fixture where none exists, pay an electrician to move the wiring to accommodate a new light point. The expense is worth it
if it’ll make your daily life easier and more pleasant for years to come.

7 Create a spot for your keys.¸Save time on your way out the door by designating a spot for keys, bags, and other important items. Install a row of hooks or a small cabinet; just make it convenient and use it consistently. Remember to place it where casual visitors can’t see it. Do not put it in obvious places like near the front or back door; this makes your keys accessible for anyone passing through your home.

8 Install or upgrade window treatments. Whether you opt for tailored roman blinds, textured bamboo blinds, simple roller shades or a layered look with curtains, having a window treatment you love (and one that works for you) is a detail that makes a space feel that bit more polished.
When selecting window treatments, choose the same liner fabric on all windows for a consistent look from the street.

9 Focus your space on a large-scale piece of art. As long as it speaks to you, it’ll
probably work. Seek out galleries that feature up-and-coming artists or attend student shows at a local art school, to find reasonably priced works.

10 Upgrade bathroom details. Can’t take on a full bathroom remodel right now? That doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up the bathroom with a few smaller swaps. Change the faucets, cabinet hardware, towel bars, light fixtures, or consider replacing an old medicine cabinet with a mirror. Think about buying new towels, perhaps in a bolder color.

There you have it. My top 10 easy and inexpensive ways to personalize your new home. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Jennifer Ungar has been designing beautiful spaces for 25 years and has worked on large and small residential projects in New York, New Jersey, Miami and Ramat Beit Shemesh. By listening closely to her
clients’ needs and desires, Jennifer transforms their concepts and vision into a design reality. Her
specialty is creating interiors that are comfortably sophisticated, yet relaxed and inviting; interiors that turn your space into your home.

Jennifer can be reached at 052-448-7050, or



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