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Put the Spring Back in Your Yard

By: Netanel Buta

Spring is at hand, bringing with it a wind of renewal. In this pre-Pesach period, people often feel the urge to revamp the house and yard. All that greenery blooming outdoors makes people need and want to get organizing the garden and yard. While upgrading your yard’s appearance, consider investing in the garden, too, and giving it a facelift. For a beautiful yet low-maintenance garden, the optimal solution is synthetic grass. This comes in a variety of types and prices, each with its own color and appearance. Synthetic turf also saves on irrigation. To this, add a range of garden flowers in different colors to give a natural flowering appearance to the yard. You can also include combinations of pebbles, a fountain etc. customized for your personal preference.

Now that we’ve invested in the garden, we want to fence it around its perimeter, while still preserving the natural, relaxed atmosphere we’ve created. Here the best option is a wooden fence, which has many advantages: it retains the garden’s natural look, and meshes well with the plants as well as other wooden additions such as a deck or pergola. A wooden fence is simple to assemble, can take a variety of shapes and colors, and doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s a good idea to paint the fence with sealants to provide longer lasting protection with minimal maintenance. You can choose from a variety of special and unusual paint colors to add your own personal stamp to the look of the yard. The new trend today is to not to go for the browns we all conjure up when we imagine of a wooden fence, opting instead for turquoise, blue, green, or a variety of other colors according to personal taste.

More options for enhancing the garden including adding a deck in the garden, wherever we feel like it and for any purpose we can think of. It could be used as a floor beneath a pergola, as a path through the yard, and more. A deck serves to upgrade the overall look of the garden. It’s highly resistant to the elements and so it’s not a problem to install it in a place exposed to sun. The presence of a deck adds a luxurious air. Naturally, you can choose its type and color according to personal taste. Decks are installed on a base raising them above the ground – walking on them feels a bit like walking on air.

When entertaining friends in the yard, a wooden seating area is the ultimate in comfort. You can build a customized small or large pergola (in keeping with the size of the garden and your preferences) with wooden furniture. Wooden pergolas provide a cozy feel and are the perfect solution for hosting in a rustic, charming style.

We wish you a productive and prosperous spring of abundant renewal in the home and in life. Happy Purim!


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