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Digital Smile Design

Dr. Daniel Kaszovitz DDS, FAGD


You’ve seen him; the guy who came back from the dentist after having spent a fortune to fix all his teeth… but they just don’t seem to fit his face. They may be too small or too large, protruding outward or inclined inward.

One of the reasons this happens is that the laboratory technician who is making the crowns only sees the models—he doesn’t meet the patient. While the crowns may fit the teeth, the overall look may not be aesthetically pleasing; and it’s hard to visualize a final look without seeing the whole picture.

Today, we have a new technology call DSD (Digital Smile Design) where, after taking pictures of the patient, we can design all our dental work on the picture before starting the patient’s treatment. This allows us to plan exactly how we want the teeth to look, considering the patient’s gender, size, and the position of their lips. People want a beautiful smile, but often forget that if the teeth is the picture, the lips and face are the frame. The picture has to fit properly in the frame for a pleasant aesthetic result. Some people feel that they show too many or too few teeth in their smile; we can correct this in the design and show the patient what it would look like before we get started.

After everטthing has been planned and designed on the computer, and when we are happy with the picture, the laboratory technician need only push a button and perfect veneers will be mailed out for the patient to try on. If the look is acceptable and the patient is happy, then and only then, will we get started, knowing what the end result will look like with no unpleasant surprises.

This is a game changer. People who have always wanted to fix their smiles but were afraid that it wouldn’t work out can now see what it would look like and approve it ahead of time. The picture below shows a patient with some old dental work, missing teeth and other discolored, worn teeth. On the picture in the right, we see him with the mock up from the lab. The patient can now see what his smile will look like after only a few visits. At that point, we can make any changes before moving forward with the final restorations. If only we could always see how things will turn out before we started!

Dr. Kaszovitz graduated from New York University (NYU) Dental School in 1996. He then completed a two-year residency in dental and oral surgery at Brookdale University Medical Hospital and earned his fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kaszovitz completed a one-year joint NYU-Brookdale hospital program in implantology, as well as traveling overseas to complete the “All on Four” certification course in Lisbon. He continues to take courses regularly to improve his expertise in both general and specialized areas of dentistry, including aesthetic dentistry. Rechavia Dental Center is a full service American dental and orthodontic clinic in Jerusalem. They can be reached at 02-561-9770 or through their website



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