A Hi-Tech, but Drug-Free Approach to Healing Back Pain: An Interview with Dr. Nimrod Liram of The Jerusalem Spine Center

A Hi-Tech, but Drug-Free Approach to Healing Back Pain: An Interview with Dr. Nimrod Liram of The Jerusalem Spine Center 

Dr. Nimrod Liram is an Israeli chiropractor and manager of the Jerusalem Spine Center, a clinic offering state-of-the-art chiropractic therapy to patients with various conditions relating to back pain. Trained in the UK, Dr. Liram earned his DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1986, and obtained a master’s degree (MSc) in clinical science from Portsmouth University in 2001 to complement his chiropractic training. In 1987, Dr. Liram returned to Jerusalem and opened the Jerusalem Spine Center. He also joined the orthopedic spine unit at Hadassah University Medical Centre as a staff member in 1987 and has worked there part-time ever since. He is a research fellow and teaching member in orthopedics. Over the years he has also been involved in training and instruction in ergonomics, back-safety in industry and working environment and the Israeli navy reserve medical corp. 

What does the Jerusalem Spine Centre offer in the way of healthcare? 

We offer a specialized approach to chiropractic treatment combined with a highly professional muscle and joint rehab program, under the same clinical umbrella. Our clinic is unique in that we two important healthcare principles. The first is correct muscle balance, joint-motion and body mechanics. We use various types of chiropractic techniques to achieve this, supported by various technologies that include ultrasound, interferential, soft laser, flexion-distraction table and Kinesio-Tape. The second principle is functional personal training. The idea of this service is to maintain the benefits the body has acquired through the chiropractic treatment. We aim to maintain the human frame by means of rehab activity. 

What is chiropractic and how do patients benefit from it? 

Chiropractic is a science and a system that focuses on the human muscle, bone and nerve structure. It provides health care by evaluating posture, joint and muscle mobility, function and condition as well as all other health factors. A chiropractor is a primary health-care provider by law in Israel. It is a manual (hands-on) technique and does not practice invasive or chemical treatment. However, chiropractors in general, and our clinic in particular, make extensive use of technology, both in evaluation and in treatment. Chiropractic training is imaging-intensive and graduates learn how to use, read and benefit from X-rays, CT and MRI scans, bone scans, ultrasounds, EMGs and nuclear medicine. We carry a full array of electro-physical and light therapy equipment to support our manual skills. 

What conditions do you treat? 

First and foremost, chiropractic treats back pain. But back pain is a very general term, and people with back pain may suffer from any of dozens of different conditions. Some of these conditions are simple and quick to treat, while others require prolonged care and collaboration with other healthcare specialties. Back pain isn’t just felt in the low-back, either; it might be felt in the neck, chest and pelvis as well. Back pain involves the skeletal core, joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and nerve disorders. Chiropractic also treats disorders of shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet. 

What is rehab? 

Rehab is one of the chiropractic specialties and involves therapy and retraining techniques for those disabled by trauma, disease or surgery. 

Tell us about Soft Laser Therapy. 

This is an important and relatively new addition to the clinic, as of January 2017. It’s a type of therapy involving a professional clinical-use bio-photo modulation device that utilizes 240 diodes and powerful infrared and red light probes to treat various conditions, including whiplash injuries, shoulder problems, tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip bursitis and arthritis, knee pain, ankle sprains, muscle tears and sports injuries. Our clinic is the only one in Jerusalem to carry professional soft laser equipment that is highly effective in the prompt healing of these conditions as well as many others. 

About the Practitioner 

Dr. Nimrod Liram, DC, MSc., is a licensed chiropractor and director of the Jerusalem Spine Center, which offers a specialized approach to chiropractic treatment combined with a highly professional muscle and joint rehab program. For more details, visit him online at 

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