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What Are All Those Car Parts?


Most drivers learn this incredibly powerful skill while still in their teens. It’s fairly easy to drive a car, so many drivers simply gloss over all of the parts that actually make the car go and bring it to a professional whenever there’s a problem. But knowledge is power, so here’s a small dictionary, in case you find yourself at the garage and want to feel a bit more knowledgeable.

These are the most basic and important pieces of information to know about how your car operates:

Engine (מנוע) : The very heart of your vehicle, this makes the car go. The engine takes over where the horses left off, hence the power being measured in amounts of horses (aka, horsepower.) The quality of the engine indicates the overall quality of the car, as it’s the main part of the vehicle. The kind of engine used in a car is an internal combustion engine. You don’t need to know exactly what that means, but there are different types of engines for different purposes.

Chassis (שאסי) : This is like the skeleton of the car, the frame from which everything else hangs. It’s made of sturdy steel to keep everything together, and the shape of the chassis determines the size and structure of the vehicle – whether it’s a sedan, hatchback, and so on.

Transmission System (תיבת הילוכים) : The transmission system is what brings it all together. It’s how the different parts of the car “communicate” with each other. The terms you’re probably more familiar with are “manual” versus “automatic”. A car with a manual transmission works with a gearshift and a foot clutch, and you need to manually change the gears. An automatic transmission system changes gears without your input and, for obvious reasons, these are the more popular varieties.

Auxiliaries (חלקי עזר): These are the “extras” in the car, the things that don’t make the car go, but make it comfortable and luxurious, or aid in driving. These are things such as the lights, dashboard panels, alternator, spark plugs, and other parts that you may or may not already know about. These are often what jack up the price of an otherwise standard system. When you use a car often, a comfortable, easy to use and convenient car is your best friend.

Controls: These are how the driver controls the car, specifically the steering system, which includes the steering wheel and its connections to the other parts or the car, and the braking system, more commonly known as the brakes. These crucial components bring the engine together with the wheels, making your car go.

Superstructure(מבנה-על) : This is a fancy term for the body of the car – outer body, windows, etc. These parts do not aid in the function of the vehicle, but are more than luxuries; without them, your car would be an engine on wheels, not too pleasant an atmosphere for driving, and especially cold in the winter and wet in the rain.

Now, perhaps you’ll feel more empowered next time you take a trip to your garage, and you’ll feel more confident driving your car.

Alef Alef Car Garage is located in the Nesher Industrial Zone Har Tuv (Behind the Police Station) next to Bet Shemesh

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