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Even Though it Ain’t Broke Please Fix it, Mr. Fix It

In the next few weeks both my truck and I are due for a scheduled check-up and service. Neither of us seem to need anything at the moment as my truck is only six years old and well before the age of periodic repairs, and as for me at 39, I too Baruch Hashem, seem to be healthy and in no need of check-ups or maintenance, except for losing a few pounds and adding a few hours of sleep every week. Nevertheless, I know that without our scheduled check-ups, both my truck and I will end up neglecting those warning lights and sounds and aches and, if left unattended to, will ultimately break down in a big way, of course at the least convenient time.

It’s axiomatic that most things, whether people, cars, pets, or appliances, don’t suddenly break down. There are exceptions, but in general, large problems come from the precipitous accumulation of smaller ones that have been ignored. And whether deliberate or not, turning a blind eye to small problems, or failure to notice them, is the setup for catastrophic failure later on.

Take a simple door handle. When new, the door closes nice and smooth and gently, the “click” sound a calming reassurance that all is good with this door. Six months later, that same door now needs a good tug in order to get it past the door frame. A few months later, the handle begins to loosen from all the unnecessary tugging. At this point a mental note is made that the handle seems not to work properly, but it never gets past the subconscious. The tugging further wears a groove into the tongue of the lock making it impossible ever to work smoothly again. Another month, and the handle is so loose screws begin to rip out of the wooden door. Finally, the culmination of months of frustration with the manufacturer of such crummy doors, that click a faded memory, now mixes with the insulting “thud” each time it doesn’t close; add a screaming child in the background, and wham! a mighty tug is given, and in what would be a moment of comedic brilliance to everyone except the hapless victim, the handle comes right off the door. Adding insult to humiliating injury, the other side clangs on the tile floor, clearly announcing that you are now locked in. Unable to tolerate the puzzling irony of being locked inside the world’s smallest bathroom holding nothing but the useless handle, you thrust your shoulder into the door with everything you’ve got and like a middle matzah, it splits unevenly down the middle, leaving you free to rest on your now sore left side and in need of a whole new door.

This is funny because it happens every day, at some time to everyone. It all could have been prevented with a simple shpritz of WD-40 every six months or so. Really. For years now I have wondered why homeowners will go out of their way to honor their car’s needs, yet neglect their homes until something actually breaks. And this is precisely where I come in. Don’t wait until something actually breaks to have it looked at and fixed. That famous saying is not always true. Your home needs a check-up, a once-over, and physical exam to tighten what needs to be tightened, oil what needs to be oiled, clean what needs to be cleaned. I am the general practitioner for your home.

So before you find yourself locked in your own bathroom, let me come over and fix all the things that are not yet broke. This isn’t why I called my company Mr. Fix it solutions, but it definitely is apropos.




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