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Planning a wedding, bar/bat-mitzvah, brit milah, or other event? The first thing many people have to decide is whether to do it outdoors or indoors.

An outdoor banquet garden may offer your guests a beautiful view as they mill around under a clear night sky with the smell of flowers wafting through the air. A well-designed and expansive banquet garden can offer guests the opportunity to dance and chat outside in the open air and to enjoy the feeling of nature. The downside is that, depending on the time of year, your guests may have to share this wonderful atmosphere with mosquitoes, fickle weather, or the smells of a nearby dairy farm.

On the other hand, a banquet hall offers climate control as well as pest control. And if you want something small and intimate for your simcha, a banquet hall can be sub-divided to accommodate any party. The downside is that the ambiance depends solely on your creativity and the noise level can sometimes seem excessive.

The best of both worlds

There are venues with both an outdoor garden and indoor hall, allowing you to use a combination according to your needs. If you are hosting a wedding, your guests could eat inside and walk outside among the trees, grass, and outdoor décor, often accompanied by beautiful views. Your chuppah will be picture-perfect under the stars and you’ll be able to dance the night away in the air-conditioned inner hall. Many combination halls have different setup options depending on the size and nature of the event, the season and the weather.

At Kedma MIDTOWN’s 700-square-meter complex, you’ll find a magnificent banquet hall and banquet garden— right in the heart of Jerusalem. Kedma MIDTOWN, a new venue by Kedma Neve Ilan, celebrates more than just weddings. Our banquet hall is modular and can accommodate from 200 to 800 guests, helping you create the proper ambiance whether it’s a large wedding, small intimate family gathering or formal corporate event.

Come enjoy the best that Jerusalem has to offer with a menu of fine food, beautiful ambiance and a lifetime of memories.

Kedma MIDTOWN is centrally located; close to the Begin Highway, the Old City, and the southern entrance to the city; and is easily accessible by public transportation.






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