“Who doesn’t know about Artzeinu?”

Interview with Rivkah Jacobs of Artzeinu Tours

What is Artzeinu Tours and how did it begin?
Artzeinu Tours began over 30 years ago. We were offering tours to people traveling to Israel as well as to families who live here. All of our tours are from a Torah perspective with fantastic, licensed, knowledgeable guides. About 10 years ago we expanded to include hotel deals all over the country, with mehadrin hotels in particular. We are able to offer discounted prices for all hotels. We give such personable service that, as the saying goes, once an Artzeinu Tours client, always an Artzeinu Tours client! We are thankful to HaKadosh Baruch Hu for leading us in the right direction and giving us the ability to provide our clients with the best service and prices. We also take care of many American seminaries and yeshivos in Israel with their tours and transportation and sleeping accommodations.

How do clients from overseas know about Artzeinu Tours?
We have a beautiful site on the Internet,, that people find by searching for Jewish tours in Israel. We do advertise internationally, however; most of our clients come from recommendations of friends and relatives that have gone on tours with us and are happy with our service.

How can Artzeinu assist families living in Israel when planning a vacation?
We can offer our customers any hotel in Israel at a discount. If they have family visiting from overseas we can offer them group or private tours in English. We have the ability to get discounts to certain attractions, like the mehadrin Da Karina chocolate factory. . We can also take care of Shabbos arrangements in hotels, whether for one family or many.

Why is it preferable to book through you rather than calling a hotel directly?
As Artzeinu Tours has contracts with almost all of the hotels in the country, we can offer better discounts than what they can get through the hotel  or find online.

How have your over 30 years in the market led you to be the place to book vacations in Israel?
Practice makes perfect! People who are looking for a company that can offer expertise in hotels and tours turn to us and know that we are professional and experienced as well as very reliable and honest.

Who are your tour guides?
Our guides give their ‘everything’ on our tours. This is one of the reasons that clients always come back to Artzeinu Tours. Haim Sidor is like a walking, talking encyclopedia with many years of experience. Our website has pictures and background information about Haim and the other wonderful guides who work for Artzeinu Tours.

What takes a tour beyond ‘informative and interesting’ to ‘amazing’?
Dynamic guides (as well as the organizational abilities of the tour company that plans it) are with vast experience e. We have received numerous emails with great feedback saying how wonderful the guide was and how the tour was well planned (and not overloaded) with enough time for lunch and bathroom stops.

What is your most popular tour?
The Kotel tunnels tour comes in first place with Ir David, Galil / Tzfat, and Masada as close runner-ups.

What is your company vision?
We would like to see that all English speakers who visit Israel know about and book with Artzeinu Tours. We would also like for everyone who lives here, as well as those from out of the country, to book hotels with us. When we ask our customers, “How did you hear about Artzeinu Tours?” and they answer, “Everyone knows about Artzeinu Tours!”or “Who doesn’t know about Artzeinu?” – that is the best feedback we can receive!



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