Awaken Your Israeli Fighting Spirit at Caliber 3

Living in Israel has its challenges and quirks. Unfortunately, coping with local terror attacks is no longer that unique to Israel; with the recent terror attacks in London, Paris and Barcelona, Israel is becoming the envy of the world’s security forces for its unmatched military, counter-terror and security capabilities.

One of the things that characterizes the typical Israeli response to terrorism is their fi ghting spirit.  Israelis don’t run and hide; they fight back with whatever they have.  A pizza pan recently joined the umbrella, the selfie stick, the guitar and the nunchaku on the list of unconventional weapons used by Israeli civilians to ward off terrorists in recent years! That’s why Caliber 3—the leading terror and security training academy in Israel—offers counter-terror training programs to civilians.  Founded in 2003 by IDF Colonel Sharon Gat (Res.), Caliber 3 provides security and tactical training to the world’s top military, law enforcement, government and security agencies, including the IDF, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police Force, and the Israeli Ministry of Homeland Security.  It also offers one-of-a-kind terror preparedness programs to tourists who want to get a taste of life in Israel, and to civilians who want to feel safe as they go about their daily lives.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING The most common type of terror attack is one we rarely hear about on the news: car stonings.  Jews (and sometimes Arabs) driving through Arab villages or neighborhoods in the West Bank or East Jerusalem are frequently attacked by Arab youth throwing rocks or cement blocks.  During periods of political unrest, the dangers on the roads can increase, including violent riots or protests, roadblocks, ambushes and Molotov cocktails.  The key to surviving an attack like this is knowing how to stay in control of the vehicle.  Caliber 3 offers a three-hour course that helps drivers prepare for these scenarios: how to back out of dangerous and impassible situations, remove an injured passenger from a vehicle, swerve around obstacles in the road (both forwards and in reverse), drive through fi re or bombardment with heavy objects and change a tire quickly.  Students practice these skills at Caliber 3’s unique vehicle training facility with safe simulations of the dangerous situations they might face.

IDF-STYLE COMBAT TRAINING FOR LAYPEOPLE & TOURISTS There may be other places in the world that offer military-style recreational activities or shooting ranges, but there’s nothing like Caliber 3.  Tourists of any age can get a taste of Israeli fi ring and combat methods with the Ultimate Shooting Adventure, which includes a tour of the facility, training with Israeli security professionals, practice with assault rifles and participate in a shooting tournament.  You may have played paintball, but you’ve never played it like this: Caliber 3 offers an Urban Combat Paintball program that includes instruction by the finest experts in close-quarter battle and urban combat.  Participants learn various room entry and clearing techniques, how to enter a battle, and how to fight in a complex urban terrain—and then practice their skills in a fun, team-building game of paintball! Every wondered how special forces scale down walls and mountains—and shoot while on the move? Now you can try it yourself with Caliber 3’s Combat Rappelling program. Caliber 3 also offers clay target shooting, survival and navigation, and Krav Maga training programs—all with the top Israeli experts.

FIRING RANGE & FIREARM TRAINING Caliber 3 boasts seven state-of-the-art firing ranges that can be custom-configured to meet your training needs.  Trainees can practice with various types of firearms, including pistols, revolvers, assault rifles, and shotguns.  Israeli citizens who are eligible for a weapons license can receive their mandatory training at Caliber 3.

Courses range from short half-day training to 6-day intensive programs, and instruction focuses on key techniques such as the “Israeli point and shoot” method, tactical magazine changes, combat tactics and much more.

KRAV MAGA Krav Maga is an aggressive hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel and used by security forces in Israel and abroad.  It takes advantage of natural human reflexes to counter threats, utilizing the simplest, most effective techniques to neutralize the opponent.  Caliber 3 offers Krav Maga training sessions to tourists, civilians and security professionals that focus on practical techniques to ward off a variety of attacks, both armed and unarmed.  Krav Maga increases your confidence and your ability to defend yourself in all types of confrontations.

TAILOR-MADE SECURITY PERSONNEL TRAINING COURSES Caliber 3 also offers, of course, a wide range of training courses adapted to the needs of various security personnel, including urban warfare, maritime security and protection, infantry training (for army units only), survival and navigation, VIP protection/bodyguard training, and SWAT team/rapid response team training.

Caliber 3’s main branch is located in the Gush Etzion Industrial Park near the southern entrance to Efrat, with two additional facilities in Carmiel and Genigar. For more information or to book an activity, call 02 673-4334 or e-mail: sharon@caliber-3.com

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