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Bathroom Renovations All You Need to Know

By Baruch Tenenbaum

When we care for our bodies we feel good. But in today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget that we could do with a little pampering. While you could go to a spa every couple of months, that’s not always practical or cost-effective. With a little planning and investment, however, you can upgrade your own bathroom and enjoy the spa-experience at home, each and every day. Whether you’re looking at a full remodeling or just adding a couple of new features, here are some of the options available. 

Shower Options 

A good shower will invigorate you in the morning and relax you at night. With the right showerhead, you can transform your daily rinse into a luxurious experience. 

Rain showerheads are larger than standard and are mounted overhead.  The water flow and pressure simulate the experience of showering in a soft rainfall. Rain showerheads are ideal for a relaxing shower experience, and as an added benefit, the size of the head ensures that the water reaches every part of your body. 

Another up-to-date shower option is the body-spray showerhead. These are mounted to the wall at several different levels and target different areas of the body simultaneously with multi-direction water sprays.  


Not just a place to wash, a bathtub is something to relax in; a place to enjoy a reprieve from the stresses of daily life as you soak. A quality bathtub also acts as a centerpiece for your bathroom that will lend it a unique feel. 

There are a variety of bathtub styles, shapes, and features available to match your specifications and taste. Regular bathtubs can be fitted to utilize an alcove, or, in the case of drop-in tubs, fitted inside a framed enclosure. Alternatively, nothing beats the sense of old-time luxury evoked by a freestanding tub–provided you have the room for it–or even a clawfoot tub if you want to go for a real classic look. 

Whirlpool bathtubs (Jacuzzis) are jetted tubs that pump water to massage you as you bathe. With some models, you can swivel the jets to target a specific muscle group. Air jet tubs create air bubbles through many small jets. In contrast, water jet tubs have a few larger jets which move the water at high speed. Additional features can include multi-speed settings, micro-bubble jets, and even foot massage jets. Some models offer underwater LED lights that change color to suit your mood, and speaker panels so you can sync music from your computer and literally feel the vibrations! 

Home Sauna 

The health and stress-busting benefits of saunas are well-known; in fact they have been used in places like Finland for centuries. Surprisingly, installing an indoor personal sauna is not as expensive as you might think. Traditional saunas have wood, gas, or electric stoves. Electric stoves are quick to heat up and are more popular because of their ease of use. Steam saunas use a lower temperature and higher humidity than dry saunas and produce moist heat. Alternatively, you might consider an infrared sauna, which uses infrared light waves to create body heat instead of raising the temperature of the air. In the end, the choice of sauna type often comes down to personal preference. 

Tiling and Flooring 

As many of us may remember, it used to be the case that every bathroom in Israel had the same tiling. Not anymore! There are almost endless options available nowadays, so here are some of my favorites: 

Use XL tiles for the wall. This will reduce the number of joints and require less grout, making the tiling very easy to maintain and giving a spacious appearance to the bathroom. Another trendy tiling option is the use of 3D-like ceramic tiles. These are textured with interesting raised patterns and undulations.  

For the floor, you can combine large and small floor tiles and use different shapes, such as octagons and hexagons for a unique and attractive look.  

Remember, however, that tiled flooring can get very cold. There is almost nothing as pleasurable as stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm floor, and underfloor heating is the way to go if you want that extra touch of comfort. In fact, the cost of adding underfloor heating is not that much, and will add to the resale value of your property. Because underfloor heating is also very energy efficient, you may find that you save between 10 and 30 percent on your monthly heating bills because it allows you to turn down your regular heating by a few notches. 

Don’t Forget the Toilet! 

Choosing the right toilet can really add to the overall design and comfort of your bathroom. Monoblock toilets have a sleek, modern, one-piece design. There are no cracks and crevices to trap dirt, and they look fantastic. Wall-hung toilets attach directly to the wall instead of resting on the floor. The advantage is that the tank is concealed within the wall cavity. This maximizes your floor space and makes it easier to clean underneath.   

The bathroom is a small room, but with some thought and planning, it can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for many years to come.


Baruch Tenenbaum, owner of Quality Home Improvements, is a professional local contractor, providing, high-end jobs with proper Anglo service.

He can be reached at 050-674-1976

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