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 It’s Pesach cleaning time of year again, during which many people have their couches and carpets cleaned. Tell us about your services.
We clean almost any material on any surface. We have several methods for cleaning and stain removal. If you send us an email with pictures of your carpet, furniture, mattresses, tapestries, or even auto interiors, we will get back to you promptly with more details.

How far in advance of Pesach do you recommend getting your couches cleaned?
Excellent question. Potential customers need to realize that plans are already being made now. This is the time. We strongly encourage everyone to book their place on the schedule sooner rather than later, so as to avoid the last-minute rush.

What’s the benefit in using BCS over a company that does only upholstery or carpets?
We offer many services, so we can provide a wide range of expertise and a one-stop shop for all the customer’s needs. It should be noted that our carpet and upholstery team is focused solely on this service – and specialize only in carpets and upholstery.

Are there certain materials that are harder to clean than others?
Yes, unfortunately certain types of stains on specific materials can be problematic. Stains might have sat over a long period of time and been absorbed into the material; or the spilled substance might contain dyes and chemicals that cause damage to the actual fiber or threading, and therefore the item cannot be cleaned. We try our best; but we do disclose the fact to our customers prior to starting. There are some materials, substances and stains that we cannot attempt unless the customer absolutely understands this. Usually the manufacturer has alternative methods and advice for such cases, but most likely they will say the same thing. We do have access to research tools on the web etc. and we use these as much as possible.

How long does furniture take to dry after cleaning?
Usual drying time is a few hours, depending on the method and the liquids used. In some cases, items are dry almost immediately.

What was the most interesting item uncovered in a couch during Pesach cleaning?
Over the years we’ve discovered many interesting objects in the recesses of couches! Many are too sensitive and personal to discuss in an open forum… but some notable finds that come to mind include a diamond earring and a stuffed animal that turned out to be made of a genuine deceased animal! And there is always money, of course. Considering the number of coins and bills we have found over the years, we could have been Rothschild by now! (Not really…)

What do you do with stubborn stains on furniture?
Well, without giving away our methods and tricks of the trade, I can say that our technique often succeeds very well in stain and spot removing. We identify the stain and use one or more of a variety of cleaners to raise each stain and remove it for good. To tackle the stain effectively we are willing to do everything short of destroy the fabric. Our track record is excellent.

That said, it would be best known in advance that not every stain or spot is fully removable, as mentioned above. Due to a variety of factors, some might have become so embedded in the fabric as to have (a) become part of it, (b) permanently damaged the fabric underneath, or (c) changed the fabric color and integrity.

Again, we will do utmost, utilizing the best stain remedies available, but cannot in good faith promise 100% success. Nor do we guarantee it. However, we trust our workers and methods, based on many years of experience and success with some of the toughest stains.

 Many homemakers use baby wipes to try to remove small stains on their furniture. Can that ruin couches or upholstery?
No, it won’t ruin the couch. Homeowners should always try to quickly soak up or remove whatever they can. Baby wipes can be effective in many cases, but they cannot save all fabrics from staining.

What other Pesach cleaning services do you offer?
We offer an extremely deep, intense and thorough cleaning of your home by the meter. We combine Pesach cleaning with spring cleaning and bring a whole new spirit to the process. We clean where most homeowners don’t even think to clean.


Send us an email and we will give you all the details – and, again, don’t wait too long and get stuck in the Pesach rush.

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