Celebrating Life’s Events at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel


Interview with Menachem Moshkovitz and Tair Alloun Events Managers, Jerusalem Gardens Hotel

Tell us about the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel.
The Jerusalem Gardens Hotel and Spa is a fully equipped, privately-owned hotel in Jerusalem. The beautiful premises include suites, family rooms and adjoining rooms. Our spa provides all kinds of treatments and massages, and we have two pools for our guests. The hotel provides in-house dining, either in the main dining room or in the lobby bar.

We also have many banquet halls to accommodate all of life’s celebrations and can seamlessly cater events for up to 400 guests.

 What types of events take place at the hotel.
We do events of all types – bris, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, private function, public conference and more. We have a magnificent garden as well as a beautiful indoor hall to accommodate all our guests. Many of our clients are drawn to the garden, and the idea of using both an indoor and outdoor venue in the same event is a big attraction. For example, at weddings we will often have the reception and chuppah outdoors with the meal and dancing inside. In the winter, we put up a tent outdoors, weather permitting, in order to provide a garden effect.

What makes an event at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel unique?
We pay attention to all the small details to make sure your event is memorable, and we pride ourselves on great service. The hotel manager is American, so he ensures that all the functions in the hotel measure up to American standards of quality.  The location of the hotel in Kiryat Moshe is great – it’s accessible to all public transportation, as well as being right near the entrance to Jerusalem, making it easy to reach for out of town guests. Many clients love having the outdoor Jerusalem air as part of their events, and the option of a combination indoor/outdoor event is very attractive.

The food at our events is excellent. We focus on the quality of the food we serve and use only the best chefs available. I have many guests who tell me they were pleasantly surprised by the standard of our food, especially compared to the food in other local venues.

Another great benefit in booking your events with us is that we can get great discounts on hotel rooms for those with guests coming in from abroad.

 How do you know your clients were satisfied with the event?
The best indication of a happy client is a returning client!

I just had a nurse come in to book a conference for over 300 nurses because she was so happy with the personal event we did for her a year and a half ago. Not only that, she started telling me about the next family events she wants to do with us.

We have not only many returning clients, but also many new clients that book with us on their friends’ recommendations.

What’s your vision for the future?
A bris in the morning, conference in the afternoon, bar mitzvah and wedding at night. Every day. This is already starting to happen!




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