Chaiyanu goes to South Africa – The Hope Tour 2016!!

Every year, Chaiyanu takes Israeli children with cancer to South Africa, running separate trips for boys and for girls. Accompanied by bi-lingual volunteers and medical support staff, the children enjoy this long-awaited trip of a lifetime!

Safari rides, jeeping, ATVing, aquarium, boating, nightly parties; every day and night is jam-packed with excitement!!

Dassi* had been looking forward to The Hope Tour for months, praying that her doctors would give her the approval to travel. An adorable seven- year-old girl, Dassi was diagnosed with blood cancer – acute leukemia – around age four or five, and has spent an inordinate amount of her life in Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Since her diagnosis, Chaiyanu volunteers have been at her side, in the hospital and at home, keeping her company, entertaining her, and filling the social void left from her lack of attendance in school.

Dassi wished for an electronic keyboard for Chanukah, and Chaiyanu’s volunteers delivered it to her bedside with clowns and a musical celebration!

And then came the doctor’s approval for The Hope Tour to South Africa!

Dassi’s Chaiyanu volunteer, Temima Rosenstein, said Dassi made many new friends, and reunited with children who were with her when Chaiyanu sent her to Camp Simcha last summer. She loved seeing all the animals, going to all the parties at amazing people’s houses, and just dancing and singing on all the bus rides!

Temima shared with Bizness Magazine: “This trip gave Dassi so much power and optimism to continue in her battle, and she hasn’t stopped raving about it since the minute she got home! Every second of the trip was an experience she wouldn’t give up for the world. She and her family are so grateful that Chaiyanu gave her this trip of a lifetime!”

Donate to Chaiyanu at:        www.chaiyanu.org.il


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