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Once again, this year’s Jerusalem Marathon included hundreds of runners, benefitting the 570 children of Chaiyanu with cancer.

Among these dedicated participants were many of the children themselves. They were so excited to be a part of the event that they showed up early, stayed until the end, and some even joined the volunteers and staff of Chaiyanu for a celebratory Shabbaton at the Leonardo Hotel.

Yehuda of Beit Shemesh is 11 years old. After going through two rounds of chemotherapy and receiving a bone marrow transplant from his older brother, he is finally entering remission. In addition to fulfilling Yehuda’s wish for an iPad before the bone marrow transplant, Chaiyanu has been providing his family of seven with food, shopping, musical melave malkas and substantial financial support. Chaiyanu’s dedicated volunteers have been taking Yehuda and his six siblings to bowling, go-karting, and picnics in the park, aside from spending many hours daily in the hospital and at their home.

Moshe Lavi, Yehuda’s assigned Chaiyanu volunteer, said that at the marathon Yehuda was so caught up in the excitement that he wanted to get out of his wheelchair and join the runners. And that is exactly what he did—only wishing he could do the full 10k. At one point he decided to turn the tables and push his volunteer, Moshe, in the wheelchair.

Yehuda was a real winner and we hope to cheer him on at next year’s Jerusalem Marathon as he crosses the finish line!!!

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