Choosing Kitchen Lighting

You’ve planned a new kitchen, giving attention to all the little details – spectacular facades, matching countertops, unique handles – and then… you go off to the nearest hardware store and buy a pack of five lightbulbs (on sale), screw in one or two of them, and congratulate yourself on bringing your kitchen project to a successful conclusion…

Sorry to disappoint you, but something is missing. In a kitchen where so much thought has gone into every element of design, the lighting deserves some attention, too.

It may be that your grandmother did all her cooking in a tiny common kitchen by the light of a kerosene lamp and her kreplach were always fantastic (she also raised twelve children in a two-room apartment, but somehow that’s never relevant…) but we have different needs. We want our lighting not only to illuminate the room but also create atmosphere and to lend a certain style to the kitchen that we’ve planned and worked on for so long.

There are three types of lighting for the kitchen: general lighting, focused lighting, and atmospheric lighting.

At KITCHENS we consider your needs and preferences, and will professionally design a kitchen to your satisfaction.

General lighting – as its name suggests, this refers to a solid light fixture that provides illumination to the entire room. You may go for fluorescent lights, ceiling flush mounts, or designated track lighting. The light should be bright, easy on the eye, and reach every part of the room.

Focused lighting should help you execute kitchen tasks, such as preparing food, washing dishes etc. Here again you may be tempted to think back to your grandmother who didn’t need much – but you have to admit that it’s far more pleasant to chop a salad with convenient lighting right under the cabinets that shines directly onto the work surface. This is achieved using LED strips (they’re economical, don’t heat up, and come in a range of colors) or a designated fluorescent spot fixture.

Atmospheric lighting is meant to round off the kitchen design and create a pleasant atmosphere. This category of lighting includes chandeliers that might hang down over a breakfast nook table, special pendant lights over the island in the middle of the room, or any other type of decorative lighting.

Are you looking for the perfect fixtures to match your kitchen? Contact our designer today!

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