Choosing the Right Oven

By Ilan Ben Harosh of Mister Electric

A few days ago, a couple came into my store to look for an oven. After wandering around for a little while, they zeroed in on a beautiful name brand oven. Although they fell in love with the oven right then and there, after some discussion, we realized there was a little problem.  The oven they were considering was 90cm wide while the space in their kitchen could only accommodate a 60cm appliance.

At other appliance stores that might have been the disappointing end of the story. But not at Mister Electric. We don’t only sell appliances, we do whatever it takes to make sure our customers get exactly what they want.

After reassuring the couple they could purchase the oven and that we would take care of the rest, I immediately made some calls.

That same day, our team gathered at the customers’ house. Within 36 hours, we had cut the marble counter, moved the position of the gas line and installed the oven perfectly and safely in the newly enlarged space.

My clients were ecstatic. Not only had they purchased their dream oven at a great price, they weren’t burdened with having to make countless phone calls to coordinate the delivery, a carpenter and a gas technician.

That event clearly summarizes the way we do business. Our store’s motto is “we go the extra mile to see you smile!”. We don’t just want to sell you any oven, refrigerator or even kettle. We want to sell you the best brands to fit your budget, so you can enjoy your purchases for many happy years to come.

And if you’re willing to go just a little bit above your budget to get not just any appliance, but the appliance of your dreams, well, it’s our pleasure to help you do that too. After all, you only live once so do it right!

But right now, for no extra cost to you, I am happy to share a little bit more about the different types of ovens available and what I personally recommend.

  • Self-standing ovens with either gas or electric burners on top are gaining more popularity in Israel. They come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 50cm to 150cm, with 90cm being the most popular.
  • Although it is rare to find self-standing ovens in Israel with a self-cleaning function, like some American brands have, the ovens we sell make up for it by offering a wide choice of colors and styles, including vintage, which is currently quite popular.

With so many choices available, we can help you create a kitchen right out of a fairy tale you will fall in love with!

  • Built-in ovens are still the top sellers in Israel. They offer superb functionality and can fit even in the smallest kitchens.
  • Although built-in ovens also come in 70cm and 90cm, 60cm is definitely the standard here. These ovens also offer self-cleaning and Shabbat modes, and an internal capacity of up to 80 liters which makes them a crowd favorite.
  • From time to time, the capacity of the oven written in the specs is not necessarily accurate. Therefore, it pays to check it over with your own eyes or to bring a measuring tape to measure it yourself. Sometimes I wonder if the people in charge of measuring in the factory might have had a little too much wine before doing their job!
  • I would definitely not recommend purchasing an oven with pop-up buttons, especially if you have young children at home. I can explain further when you come into the store.

Finally, I’ll leave you with something to think about. Out of all the appliances you need in your home, the Torah mentions only the oven and the range. However, some people claim that the Torah also mentions a dishwasher.

After lengthy and careful investigation, I found out it was referring to an actual man! Does that mean that men should be the dishwashers at home? Well,  choosing  between  having  an  ishwasher  to  having  a  dishwasher  will  be  a  discussion  in  next  month’s  article.

Mister  Electric  is  a  one-stop  shop  electronics  store  located  on  Rechov  Yafo  50,  central  Jerusalem  run  by  Ilan  Ben  Harosh.

You  can  contact  Ilan  on  050-997-7788



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