Convalescent Home That’s a Five-Star Hotel

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Convalescent Home That’s a Five-Star Hotel

Ushering a newborn into a less-than-calm world, no matter how joyful an event, often carries with it overwhelming stress for the mother, be it a first baby or an addition to many at home. Reports of research on post-natal depression show statistics of 10% of birthing mothers suffer such debilitation; but it seems that a period of rest and recovery after giving birth alleviates the likelihood of joining the group of suffering women.

A long-needed solution is now at hand in Jerusalem for mothers wanting to recuperate in conditions that enable essential sleep, peace and tranquility. The prestigious five-star Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, has now opened a convalescent home (Beit Hachlama) on premises. Beautifully-furnished rooms, spotlessly clean and smelling of freshly-changed linens, now cater for some 35 occupants (with plans to extend for up to 60), at Bikurim, a unique Hotel-Convalescent Home at the Ramada. The bonus at Bikurim Hotel-Convalescent Home lies in having someone to take good, professional care of baby while mother catches up on rest and general recuperation.

Pampering Care for Mother and Baby
Changing diapers when needed, bathing, monitoring temperature, weight and bilirubin; tenderly comforting a crying baby; attending to night feeds and other requirements – all are provided with dedication in a warm, heimishe religious environment, to a clientele from all sectors of the community. Mothers from Jerusalem, Kiryat Sefer, Elad, Maaleh Adumim, Beit Shemesh and even Bnei Brak, enjoy companionship and fine service with a choice of a private room (where the husband can even stay the night and have meals for a reasonable price), room for two, or room for three. All rooms are of equally high standard in terms of furnishings, service and cleanliness, with ample space for each occupant. If a mother wants to sleep, or care for her baby, she can go into a ‘private area’ by drawing a curtain, but has company with her when so desired.

The Bikurim project is the brain-child of Yogev, his wife, and his investment partner, who have a dedicated sense of mission manifest in every aspect of the organization.

Gourmet Meals with Mehadrin Kashrut
Meals are served in an open-bar dining room. One area offers a choice of salads, the central area provides the hot part of the meal. In the morning: omelets, creamy potato pastries, shakshuka and more; at lunch: a variety of main proteins, carbohydrate and vegetable side dishes, and dessert. The drinks corner is open throughout the day and night, where mothers will also find cookies or muffins to nosh.

Meat meals, for lunch, are delivered from outside caterers, under supervision of Badatz Eidah Hachareidit. Breakfast and supper are supplied by the hotel kitchen, with R’ Eliezer Mendelson, personally recommended by the kashrut administration, supervising that all products, and preparation such as checking vegetables, satisfy the Badatz Eidah HaChareidit requirements.

The nurseries are very small, allowing individual care. A caretaker for every 7-8 babies means there is enough time to spend holding each child to pamper and calm him, as well as tendering to physical needs.

Dr. Igor Weinstein, neonatologist, birthing specialist, checks daily that all is in order. Dr. Weinstein also introduced bilirubin checking into the routine.

Everything for the mother and baby:
Next to the nursery, mothers can nurse their babies in the well-equipped feeding room, in comfortable feeding chairs, with drinks, and advanced equipment from Medela. Esti Golovenzitz, the well-known qualified lactation counselor and advisor to pregnant women and mothers, accompanies the mothers. She organizes nursing workshops, and we will soon be offering her birth-preparation courses on our premises.

Workshops such as jewellery-making, or napkin folding are also offered. The whole family is considered important, and gifts for babies and siblings are given when clients leave.

Additional Options:
Staying at the hotel offers the option to have a Brit Milah in the hotel hall at affordable cost, so mother and baby avoid the need of traveling to the venue. Out of town family can stay in the hotel for Shabbat so the mother can join them.

Pricing Per Day:
Triple Room:    490nis
Double Room:    600nis
Private Room: 800nis
Husband to stay: additional 150nis, including breakfast. Low-cost lunch and supper.
With supplementary insurance, Kupot Cholim contribute with amounts varying from 255-310nis per night from first night up to three nights, starting from either the first, third or fourth birth, depending on Kupah.
Mothers from Bikur Cholim – one night free (not dependant on number of births/ nights).
Mothers from Sha’arei Tzedek – one night free (depending on birth number).

Tel. 02-671-5551

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