Digital Marketing Case Study Therapy Clinic Generates $936,000 in Revenue with Facebook Ads

By Reece Epstein

I’d like to present a case study where an ABA therapy clinic generate an expected $936,321 in revenue, using just $8,763.10 in paid Facebook Ads. For those of you who don’t know, ABA is a form of therapy used to treat autism.


Most small businesses struggle with marketing because they imitate big business marketing tactics. If you’re Coca Cola, Walmart or Geico, you can spend millions of dollars every year on branding. Smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of that kind of budget.

The way to get big results without a multi-million dollar budget is to entice people in your target market to directly enter your sales process.

What that looked like for our client was an offer for parents of children with autism to get advice that could help solve some of their problems, such as difficulty with routines and communication. We then used Facebook Ads to put our offer in front of people in our target market.

It might sound a bit scary to you to give away free advice. Obviously, you can’t give long, intensive free consultations to everybody who asks.

Inaction, complacency, and a lack of belief that things can change commonly prevent people from improving their life situation. Therefore, the best way to give value to a prospect is to help them achieve total clarity about their situation, and present an opportunity for change. This is both more valuable to the prospect than giving an hour-long “information dump,” and vastly more effective in helping along the sale.

Part of this project involved training the therapy clinic on a script to help them deliver on the promise of value, while also efficiently advancing the likelihood of a sale.


Reese image 1

By diligently following up with each prospect, doing quick free consultations and following the sales strategy that we taught the client, they were able to generate over $936,000 in revenue. That’s $107.58 in revenue for every $1 invested in Facebook Ads.

These results may sound too good to be true. You might be wondering what the catch is.

Firstly, the clinic put a significant amount of effort into following up with prospects and making sales.

Secondly, the client enjoys unusually high revenue per patient—it doesn’t take as many clients for them to reach $936,321 as it would for other business types.

Thirdly, the client had to hire new staff to service new patients. In fact, we ran a separate Facebook Ads campaign to find new therapy staff for the clinic. We generated 349 ABA therapist job applications for an average of $12.73 each:

Reese image 2

A final key to our success was keeping the cost of advertising low. Facebook Ads uses an algorithm that can influence the price you pay for results. We have a method to game the algorithm, leading to dramatic reductions in cost per lead. We often see 50% or even 70% more affordable leads with our method.

While the primary goal of our campaign was to motivate prospects to directly sign up for free consultations through our lead generation process, the Facebook Ads simultaneously increased brand awareness, leading to even more sales.

If you are interested in trying Facebook Ads on your own, I encourage you to take a look at Facebook Ads that Just Work on our website, our secret formula to writing Facebook Ads that… just work. And it’s only $7.

We are well known for our work with Facebook Ads but we also provide marketing funnel design, SEO, Google Adwords management (we are Google Premier Partners) and more.


Reece Epstein runs marketing consultancy Reputation Elevation and is the director

of marketing at Wealthpoint.

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