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Spring Claims

By Shimon Cohen


Claim of the month:

The incident: Our clients have an Electra dryer. They have a large family b”H, creating lots of laundry. About two months ago, Mrs. B. smelled burning coming from the dryer. She immediately switched it off, intending to deal with it later as she was busy with bedtime.

A few minutes later, her eldest daughter shouted that there was smoke coming out of the dryer. Mrs. B. told her to open the dryer door—that was a mistake! Smoke and flames poured out of the machine. Mom and Dad immediately evacuated all the kids and called the fire department. The flames destroyed the kitchen and another two rooms, while the billowing smoke caused damage to all the clothes, furniture, walls, bedding…everything!

The insurance solution

Firstly, the policy paid for alternate accommodations until their house was livable again. The claims assessor came to evaluate what could be cleaned and what was totally damaged. They called in a specialist cleaning company who worked closely with our client to clean and restore the apartment and its contents.

So far the damage paid is over NIS 400,000 and we hope that the family will be able to move back into a clean house as soon as possible.

Who’s to blame?

The insurance company removed the Electra dryer with the purpose of suing the manufacturer for all the damages—lawyers need to make a living as well!

Our client, however, will be reimbursed in full.

For your information, policy conditions are:

  1. If something is totally destroyed you get new for old, i.e., a new table for the burnt old one.
  2. When something can be repaired or cleaned, the policy has to restore the item to its previous state.

New policies on the market

You return from shopping and someone has bashed your bumper and knocked off your mirror. And of course…they haven’t left a note! Until now, your choice was limited and expensive. If the damage was NIS 3,500, it would not be worth opening a claim because that would affect your non-claim status .So…you smile and pay. And if it’s a new car and an expensive bumper, then you make a claim, pay your deductible of approximately NIS 1,200…and smile a little less.

Now, one of our main motor insurance companies is offering a new Bumper, Lights and Mirror Policy.


Damage of up to NIS 7,500 to a bumper, the deductible is NIS 390

Damage to mirrors or lights (fully covered), the deductible is NIS 390.

Important to note, this is not regarded as a claim.

We will be offering this to our clients very soon.

Shimon Cohen is the manager of Egert & Cohen Insurance. Egert & Cohen is a family business that specializes in serving the Anglo and new olim populations. They provide a friendly and professional one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs. Egert & Cohen can be reached at 02-622-7999 or through their website

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