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and …  our New Insurance Policies!

  1. Travel Insurance

The new First-Class Travel policy includes:

  • Automatic trip cancelation: if a trip needs to be canceled for medical reasons, the policy covers up to $5,000 for traveling and hotel costs
  • Third-party liability

Claim #1:  Our client, vacationing in Europe, left a Shabbat plata (warming tray) switched on, which caused 10,000 NIS of damage – paid through this clause.

  • Emergency medical evacuation

Claim #2:  Our client suffered a major heart attack in the U.S. After his condition was stabilized, he was flown home with a full medical escort – paid through this clause.

  • Pregnancy: Up to week 32, for women up to age 42; includes coverage for twins (exclusion: high risk pregnancy)
  • Pre-existing coverage (even if there has been hospitalization in the last six months)
  • Coverage for laptops


  1. Motor Insurance

Good news for young or new drivers. You can now add on to your policy any drivers for up to 72 hours for any number of times. (This was previously limited to 10 or 12 times a year).

Note: There is a four-hour waiting period – this is to preclude someone adding on the driver after an accident has occurred.

Claim #3:  A young man came in to our office and insured his car. A few days later, he called and asked why we were not dealing with his claim! Our office replied that no claim had been reported, but we proceeded to hurry up all concerned parties-the assessor, garage, etc. A week later, the insurance company reported to me that they were “investigating the claim”.

The result: This young man had insured his car after his accident and then attempted to have it covered! How they suspected him – we don’t know. This was one claim that wasn’t!

  1. Home Insurance
  • Did you just invest in a new, fancy pool?

The company requires you to have a working pump and filtration system, and then they will add the pool on to your third party liability cover without cost. (Please advise us when you’re ready to jump in!)

  • Did you invest in a fancy irrigation system for your garden?

Both the system and the expensive plants would be covered in case of fire, flood, or natural disaster.

  • Did your old dud shemesh (solar water heater) just burst?

No worries! If you purchased this inexpensive insurance add-on, all dudei shemesh are covered for any eventuality, even wear and tear.

  1. Savings

Looking for a way to save for your children’s future?

Call us for some good, creative growth solutions.


  1. Incoming Tourism

Is your family coming to Israel for a visit? We offer comprehensive health coverage in Israel with the following:

  • No deductible or co-payment
  • English speaking contracted doctors and specialists
  • All hospitals, Terem emergency clinics and Bikkur Rofeh countrywide medical clinics.
  • Coverage up to age 85.
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions (according to policy requirements).

Claim #4:  A 55-year old tourist in Israel fractured his leg after falling off his bicycle on a round-the-Kinneret ride. He was sent by ambulance to Poriya hospital, where we arranged for an English-speaking nurse to help him through the red-tape. We were also involved in speaking to his wife and doctor in the U.S. and arranging a transfer to Shaarei Tzedek. He was operated on, and then flown back home. All in a day’s work!

For all these (and more!) contact us and… be sure to check out our new website.


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