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Go With Wood: All the Reasons to Choose Wooden Deck Flooring

Once, the ultimate Israeli dream was a house with a red roof and grass lawn. Nowadays, wooden decking is the in thing. In recent years we’ve seen more and more houses, businesses and public buildings upgrading their overall design with a wooden deck. A deck lends a design touch to a wide variety of spaces: private gardens, roof apartments, seating areas in outdoor restaurants and cafés, and more.


Why are so many people today attracted to this option?

The reasons for choosing wooden decking are obvious: It’s decorative, economical and easy to maintain. In the past, the areas surrounding a building were usually covered with grass. But now, considering our national water crisis, an excellent substitute for grass is wood. A wooden deck requires no outlay for irrigation equipment, landscaping, or inflated water bills; its maintenance is infrequent and relatively cheap. It’s also advantageous in terms of convenience: no more dew-soaked grass or damp soil making a mess. Instead, you can sit cleanly and comfortably, breathing in the fresh air. That’s why decks are the preferred choice in cafés and restaurants with open-air seating.

And there are aesthetic considerations, of course. A deck presents an elegant, warm and luxurious appearance. Typically we would arrange plants and special lighting around it, and add furniture made for gardens and outdoor environments. When all this comes together, we enjoy a taste of chutz laaretz right here in our home.
What are the differences between the types of wood used in its construction?
We can use several types of wood to build decking. The differences between them lie in their convenience of maintenance and design, as well as initial cost and maintenance cost.


Pine wood is the oldest and most common choice for decks. Most is imported from Finland and Russia. Pine lumber qualities are differentiated using a test that checks the number of “eyes” in each meter of wood. Pine wood tends to have multiple “eyes” – darker colored circles of a slightly different texture. To increase its durability, pine decking must undergo a disinfection process, known also as “green impregnation,” that leaves the wood with a green hue and protects it over the long term.

The most popular type of decking pine wood in Israel today is Finnish pine. The choice of Finnish pine combines low cost with convenience of assembly and maintenance. This wood is characterized by extra durability and is therefore particularly suited to the Israeli climate with its rainfall, drought and heat waves.

Ipe (pronounced eepay) is in increasing demand when it comes to decking. It comes from tropical regions such as countries in South and Central America. Ipe’s advantages include its great durability and strength, which is why it’s used in the fields of construction, manufacturing, design and art. When it comes to choosing the wood for your deck, ipe has many advantages: strength, solidity, durability and a natural and high-quality appearance. The only disadvantage is the high price per unit, resulting from the increasing demand for this type of wood.

Teak wood is very similar in its traits to ipe. This tree grows in Asia and is used there as the primary raw material in many different areas. Using teak for decking is considered a prestigious, high-quality selection, based on its strength and great durability. Its natural color tends to a golden brown. It’s relatively soft and flexible, which is why artists who work in wood like it too.

Remember – any type of wood used to build a deck must go through a special drying process in an oven to retain its shape in all our local weather conditions.

No matter which wooden deck you choose, one thing is for sure: it will upgrade your summer this year. Along with its aesthetic and chic appearance, you’ll have ensured for yourself a comfortable pleasant space in which to relax in the long summer days.

Element Wood Art wishes a happy and kosher Pesach to all.


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