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By Netanel Buta of Element Wood


They say that whoever has an open patio in their home has a treasure, and in our opinion,  nothing is closer to the truth. Not only does a patio provide a place to relax, let go of stress, and breathe fresh air, it can also serve as an ideal place for hosting and entertaining—and creates the potential for easy expansion of your home.

However, not everyone takes full advantage of their patios. Sometimes, lack of planning and investment turns that space into a dumping ground, where piles of junk accumulate and languish. In other cases, neglect breeds an urban wilderness overgrown with weeds. We want to show you a few projects where we transformed a patio from an unkempt embarrassment to a place of beauty and enjoyment.

Before and after photos 1:

before2           after2


You can transform an unkempt yard into an inviting and pleasant space by adding a deck and synthetic grass, complete with comfortable seating.

Before and after photos 2:

before1         after1


An urban junkyard turns into a charming spot by adding paneling, a deck, and mashrabiya latticework.

Before and after photos 3:

before3       after3

An unused corner turns into a functional and aesthetic area by adding a deck and utilizing the space beneath it to build a wooden storage shed.


Element Wood specializes in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

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