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Interview with Paul Incitti, Owner of Building Care Services (BCS)

Paul Yosef Incitti has over 30 years of cleaning and
maintenance experience. Paul managed his family’s boutique
hotels in Upstate NY. He was Director of Residential and
Commercial Operations for Royal Cleaning in NYC with
150 people under his command. Paul has also been trained
and certifi ed as a mold remediation expert, and built the
franchise maidoncall.com and has been in business in
Israel since making Aliya in 2007. As a young adult, before
earning his Electrical Engineering degree at Polytech in
NY, and PMI (Project Management) certification Paul built
homes and did renovations in upstate NY.
The remaining BCS management team has over 60 years
of management, maintenance and logistics experience.

What is BCS Israel?
BCS (Building Care Services) Israel is a full service A-Z
construction and cleaning contractor, with over fi fty years of
experience in a wide variety of services that relate to properties.

How did it all begin?
After I made Aliyah, I was doing this kind of work on an odd job basis for a year or so. I found that every customer I had encouraged me to build a company, telling me that they needed to get these services from a reputable, reliable and quality English-speaking provider. I listened to them, and thus my company BCS Israel was formed.

What are some of the services that you offer?
• Post-Construction clean up with extreme detailing
• Certifi ed mold remediation and removal expert
• Window cleaning of any height through repelling
• Carpet, upholstery and drapes cleaning
• Renovations and new construction
• Crystal fl oor polishing/fl oor refi nishing
• Painting – basic interior/exterior painting
• Light building repairs, handyman services
• Heavy garbage removal/sewer spill clean up
• Deep, thorough residential cleaning (beyond Pesach level)
• Rental property preparation
• Property management
• Vaad Habayit services (public spaces: hallways, lobbies,
stairwells, sidewalks)

Who are your clients?
Our clients consist of private residences, property managers,
building management personnel as well as offices and commercial
structures. We also work with architects, designers and
other contractors who don’t provide such an extensive suite
of services. Our services are great for anyone who wants a licensed,
legal, insured contractor handling their services.

Do you have your own staff or do you hire different
companies for different jobs?
All jobs are performed by our own people, unless there’s
a requirement for a specified licensed sub-contractor such as
electrical or plumbing. The people we sub-contract with have
experience working with us on prior projects and have developed
great working relationships with us over the years.

What are the advantages of using one company for so many

Quality, reliability, accountability, knowledge, experience
and fl exibility. And obviously, it’s so much easier to buy one
individually tailored package to meet all of one’s needs, than
to have to deal with six different companies. Even just keeping
track of all their names and phone numbers is one big headache!
The myth in Israel is that these services are to be separated
for some reason. As a service provider in the U.S. you had to
be able to perform all of these services as one company. The
people/crews performing the tasks have specifi c knowledge and
experience in these individual areas.

What type of renovations do you do?
We do bathrooms, kitchens, tile fl oors, parquet fl oors, plaster
walls, windows, stairwells, demolition or new construction. We
are widely used in complex retro fi ts where a unique solution
is being sought.

Is your work guaranteed? How?
Yes, we offer a monitoring package for any mold problems
for which we have provided solutions. When it comes to any
of our contracting projects, since we are the ones who built it,
we are always available to come and see if there is an issue. We
generally don’t have these kinds of issues, but we certainly are
available for our customers.
Do you do only big jobs or can someone call you just to get
their couches cleaned?
We are very flexible and can handle anything from large
projects to simple ones such as cleaning couches. Whoever
wants or needs our service will find their answer with us. We
like to work and we get our customers what they want. Can you
believe it? It’s true!
What about painting?
Our painting solutions are geared towards fixing up rental
apartments or providing a one-color or two-color solution, dealing
with mold problems and the like.
With such serious installation problems in many homes in

Israel, how are you able to tackle mold effectively?
It’s true that the diagnosis and discovery process can be
complex. The solutions can also be complex. In each scenario,
we effectively tackle moisture issues and provide a written plan
for homeowners to follow when we’ve provided a solution. We
generally don’t get called back unless the plan wasn’t followed
or a separate moisture issue suddenly developed.

What has been the most memorable incident from your

working career?
I’m saving that for the book! But to name a few: In Israel,
providing services to Sir Martin Gilbert, The great Rav Pearlman
and American Consulate members. In the U.S., various
N.Y. based congressman, senators and The Marriot Marquis.
Can you provide a regular weekly cleaning lady? What
would be the advantage over hiring someone directly?
We do provide this service to property managers with multiple
properties that are rented out to guests and visitors. We have
a strategic alliance with ALL THE BEST ISRAEL to provide
legal, trained, and insured housekeepers to private residences.

Although we gain a month this year, Pesach is not so far away
anymore – what services do you offer a regular homemaker
for cleaning season?
We offer an extremely deep and thorough intense cleaning of
your home by the meter. We combine Pesach with spring cleaning
and bring a whole new spirit to the process. We clean where
most homeowners don’t even think to clean.

How many staff members do you usually send at once for
Pesach cleaning?
Depending on the size and need – two to seven people – possibly

What do you think can be done now to make Pesach cleaning

You can already start with carpets, upholstery, mattresses
and cabinets – in general, any places you can keep chometz
away from and under your control.

What do you find is the biggest hindrance when your staff

comes to clean a home?
Generally it’s the preparation that the homeowners said they
would do, but didn’t, that we end up working around. These
things happens and there’s not much we can do. We strive to
give the most excellent service that can be provided under the

What changes did you witness in the Anglo-Israeli population
over your years of service?
I have seen many more people come into the same space as
me and most all of them for the same reasons. Opportunity is
small here in the Hebrew speaking world but I have also seen
that start to change as well. More and more Israeli founded
companies are expanding their service capabilities and their
global reach with their businesses. I believe in a strong Israeli
economic base and a smooth integrated Anglo-Israeli population
by working towards one goal.

What is your goal for your company’s future?

To continue providing the best possible services for those
who need them.

info@bcsisrael.com 02 678 6234
English 0542427613 Hebrew 0547775528
Skype: bcs.israel www.bcsisrael.com


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