Moshe Benaim- Photographer

 Interview with Moshe Benaim, of MB Photography 

What inspired you to become a photographer?

It started 17 years ago when I was in yeshiva in Gateshead. Back then, I wanted a camera to take pictures and freeze all of the wonderful moments. The yeshiva had all sorts of money campaigns in order to encourage students to learn well, such as tests to recite pages of the gemara by heart. It was then that I managed to save up for my first camera and start taking pictures which, since then, hasn’t stopped.

What types of photography/events you do?
My services are available for all occasions that require photography and am happy to photograph any event from conventions and tourist groups to formal weddings.

Do you have any professional training or are you self-taught?
It depends what you consider professional training. In regards to studying I am self-taught. However, I feel that I am always learning and always want to continue learning. Nowadays, as I am working with other professionals in the field, I learn something new every day. As I am constantly learning, I am also driven to continue excelling.

 How would you describe your style?
Organized, classical and artistic, yet sometimes spontaneous I am always hungry to capture more.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to upgrade photos using Photoshop or similar technology. How do you generally use this to your advantage?
Almost all photographers use programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance their work.

I bring a lot of equipment and flash units to an event in order to capture the best pictures the camera can achieve. I then use these programs to touch up the images.

Sometimes you see photographs that are so clear, it seems that the person in the photo is actually standing in front of you, what is the key to such crisp photographs?
There are two main factors to create crystal clear photographs: 1- CLEAN YOUR LENS 2- Make sure the camera is in focus before taking your pictures.

1: Many times people ask me to take pictures of them with their camera. The first thing I do is take out a cloth and clean the lens. Why? Because most times I look straight at the lens and see massive fingerprints directly in the middle!

2: FOCUS: In order to focus on most cameras, you have to press the picture button half way until you hear a noise indicating that the camera is focusing itself. Once the camera is focused, continue to press all the way and you will have a crisp and clear photograph. Obviously, there is also the difference between a regular compact camera and a professional camera.

What is the strangest request you have ever gotten?
Someone has called asking me to take pictures and a video at the same time. Such a request I won’t take, because I know in advance the client will never be satisfied with the result he will get.

A person needs to focus on one job and do his very best in order to get the most out of it. My advice to people, for their own sake, is to get a photographer and a videographer, so that each one will professionally focus on what he does best.

 How do you manage to photograph impatient children?
At times it’s necessary to crawl and make funny noises and funny faces to get their attention. But the key is patience and b”H, that I have plenty of.

Photography can evoke such emotion- how can you capture moments that will hold those emotions forever?
In order to capture “the action” I blend into the event. I join the fun and from the inside I capture the moments!

How do you put your clients at ease in front of the camera?
Through positive approach, patience and respect of the people in front of me. I show them that they’re important, and that I’m experienced, organized and calm, with a smile.



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