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Welcome Nachum Eilberg of Walls R Us Painting to our team of experts!

Nachum, tell us about yourself.
In 2004 my family and I made aliyah from Baltimore, Maryland. After spending two decades working in hi-tech, I was anxious to try something that was more hands-on and would allow me to work in an area that I truly enjoyed, home improvements. I had always done painting, repairs and renovations to my own homes, which I would spend many Sundays doing. Within our first year of living in Israel, I was approached by Nefesh b’Nefesh with the opportunity to purchase Walls R Us, a painting business that began in 1985 in Jerusalem.

Nachum, what do you pride yourself on?
I take great pride in knowing that after nearly 10 years, every customer we have had is happy with the work we did and the entire dealing with Walls R Us Painting. The entire process is set up to be as painless as possible for our customers. We come into a house, take pictures and then move the furniture, cover everything, do all the preparation work, and finally the painting. We are then able to clean up the room, put everything back to the way we found it (and have pictures to refer to if we need help) and make the room useable again before we leave for the day. Our work for the day is not over until we can put everything back in place and are totally cleaned up and organized. This is our system and what we do on a daily basis.  Our motto is always to provide real ‘American customer service,’ although numerous customers have told me that even in America, they’ve never had such great service. It also gives me great pride to be able to employ fellow olim that enjoy this type of work and take great pride in their job.

Is mold just a “looks” problem or can it be a serious issue?
Mold is unsightly, but it can be a very genuine health concern. Mold can be expected in a bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. It is not too serious of a problem there since a bathroom tends to be a place where one does not spend a lot of time each day. Mold growing on the walls or ceiling should be taken seriously when it is found in bedrooms where considerably more time is spent. Infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly are at a higher risk of respiratory problems that can be caused by spending a lot of time in rooms that have mold. There are studies which have linked SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) to mold issues. Since mold is such a serious matter and is quite problematic here in Israel due to the type of construction, we have specialized in the area of cleaning mold and preventing it from reoccurring.

What’s your recipe for a successful quote?
All of our price quotes are all itemized in detail, room-by-room. For each room we identify all the work that needs to be done, from painting the ceilings to walls, doors and door frames, windows and window sills, metal bars and the list goes on. By itemizing this way we are able to accomplish several things:   First it puts you, the customer, in control of what work will be done, ensuring that the work will fit your budget. Second, by breaking the work down in this manner, it allows us to identify each task specifically allowing us to provide an accurate timeline as to how long it would take to complete the project. Finally, I am always happy to provide a list of references in your neighborhood, to allow you to hear first-hand about the work we have done for them.

What plans do you have for your monthly column in Bizness Magazine?
I would welcome readers to email us any questions related to anything in the painting realm whether it’s a question regarding faux finishes, water damage, mold, type of paint to use, color selection, etc. I will be happy to respond to all of the e-mails privately, and will share a couple of questions and responses each month in this column.

Nachum Eilberg of Walls R Us Painting, will be happy to answer any painting related questions. Please submit questions to and perhaps your question will be published in a future issue. Nachum of “Walls R Us Painting” can also be reached at 052-611-9500 or by visiting the company website at:

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