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Interview with Netanel Buta of Element Wood Design

How many years have you been in the wood business?
I have been in the wood business for about nine years. I started my own company in 2010 and since then I have expanded many aspects of the art of wood building.

What do you specialize in?
My company specializes in wood, which includes almost everything you can dream of in outdoor decoration and building. We build decks, pergolas, fences, cover-up wood paneling, pools, and also American method houses (precision-engineered prefab structures).

What is the most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging aspect in my job is creation. When I come to a customer’s house I need to imagine how it will look at the end of the project. I love to build unique solutions that fit the customer’s character and are also efficient in maximizing space.

Who designs your pergolas?
All the designs are my creation. Every year I attend international conferences in order to learn more about the wood industry in the world and I collect a lot of new ideas about wood design and integration of other materials with wood.

How about maintenance?
The maintenance of a pergola includes preservation every five years (more or less, it depends on the type and color of paint that is used). The preservation starts with water-wash in order to sand down all the dust and dirt, filling in the places that were exposed to the sun, and at the end painting with wood colors. You can paint the pergola in a deep oil color, half sealed color or sealed color.

How long does it take to build a pergola?
It is hard to give an average amount of time since it depends on the size of the pergola and the complexity of the design.

Tell us about your team.
My team includes three expert craftsmen that I trained personally.

Which geographical areas do you service?
We work in Jerusalem area, the Shfela area and the center of Israel.

If people want a pergola for the summer, when should they contact you?
We are careful to answer phones and provide immediate assistance to all customers throughout the year.

What would you say is the difference between your pergolas and others?
Element Wood Design maintains uncompromising quality materials using trees that are properly dried and processed. We make sure to work with the leading colors and materials in the world market. We meet regulations in the areas of disinfection and pest control, flame retardants, correct infrastructure and so on.

Is there any summer special?
We have sales four to five times a year, usually during holiday seasons.

What’s your approach to customer service?
Our motto is to provide customer service and craftsmanship at a very high level. This includes our availability and compliance with customer expectations; keeping on schedule is one of the most important values in our company. By us “the customer is always right” is not a cliché; we believe that our customers should be fully satisfied.

Do you have a showroom where people can see the different types of wood available for the different projects?
Yes, Element Wood Design has an office, a workshop facility and a showroom. Customers can make an appointment and we can meet in the customer’s home or in one of our showrooms.


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