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Fabric speaks to my unique additions of material combined with acrylic paint. Fusion refers to my unique process. And Flora is my subject matter. I never thought I would be a floral painter, but I find flowers to be fascinating subjects. The variable colors, shapes and patterns intrigue me. I am convinced that each flower with all its details is a manifestation of G-d’s glory on earth. When I see a beautiful flower, I see G-d’s handiwork.

Flora means “flower” in Latin, but it also refers to flowering plants like wildflowers and plants not grown for food. Flowers have been serving as a prolific motif for centuries. In addition, they have found their way into almost every art genre.

The Dutch have a particularly long and varied floral painting history. Ambrosius Bosschaert, who lived in the 1600s, painted very realistic florals. He was one of the pioneers of painting highly detailed flower arrangements with almost scientific accuracy. Van Gogh was another master of flower painting, but in an impressionistic way, such as in his “Sunflowers” painted in 1888.

If you find my work inspirational, it is all available for sale. I have reasonably priced originals and high-end limited editions, as well as signed and numbered digital reproductions at a lower cost. My reproductions are on canvas, gallery-wrapped and ready to be hung. No framing is needed.

The Tel Aviv Opera House is hosting my exhibition “Fabric Fusion Flora” in the upper gallery through March 3, 2017.

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