Features of a Healthy Face

Rachel Koenigson

By Rachel Koeningson


In Chinese medicine, the face is the window into our soul. But not just our soul; it can also tell us what is going on inside our bodies.

Different areas on the face correspond to different parts of our bodies. When imbalances occur in those areas, such as the forehead or cheeks, it is a sign that we need to address the issues or imbalance associated with that organ.

The skin is also one of the largest organs in our bodies, so when it starts acting up, this is an indication that something is out of balance inside our bodies that we may be unaware of, and this can show up on our faces as well. Therefore, when we notice rashes, pimples, pigmentation and redness, we should look at what is going on internally. 

According to Chinese medicine, a healthy face has the following features:

  • Ears with lighter coloring than the rest of the face
  • Long fleshy ears that do not protrude too much
  • Coral-pink-colored lips
  • Eyes that have a twinkle and are bright and lively with white clear pupils
  • A tall nose with a strong bridge with no lumps or bumps, lines or moles
  • A long, deep, wide philtrum (area under nostrils and upper lip)

A face indicating poor health has the following features:

  • Ears with darker coloring than the skin on the rest of the face
  • Small ears
  • Pale, dry and wrinkled lips, or dark purple lips
  • A nose with lines, grooves, moles or a dark purplish tip
  • Eyes that look tired, dull, sleepy or drowsy with red around the pupils
  • A low nose bridge
  • Deep-set lines and wrinkles on the face, especially forehead area
  • A shallow, flat or short philtrum (area under nostrils and upper lip)

Chinese Medicine uses face reading to diagnose your health.

Facial cosmetic acupuncture helps treat the face, but at the same time addresses various issues within the body. 

Our faces can and will change over time. If you try to manage your health, diet and lifestyle, your face will start to show signs of improvement. If you neglect your health, the reverse will happen: signs of poor health will appear on the face.

One example of facial diagnosis:

Cheeks and Lips correspond to the Stomach & Large Intestine

Bad diet and not enough water will cause problems in the stomach and blockage in your intestines. Too much fat, sugar and stimulants will affect this area as well. To promote a healthy digestive system, make sure to eat more vegetables and drink more water. Red cheeks, for example, indicate that the stomach is experiencing inflammation. The stomach system provides fluids for the rest of the body and therefore requires an abundance of fluids, so don’t underestimate the importance of good hydration!

Rachel Koenigson understands that life can be dynamic and stressful. As a personal trainer, masseuse and acupuncturist she is well qualified to teach clients multiple ways to adapt healthy lifestyles, ease day-to-day stresses and then treat and bring bodies to equilibrium.

You can contact Rachel via her website: or call her on 054-787-2151.

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