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Although Israeli tap water is perfectly safe to drink, it is notoriously “hard”—that is, full of dissolved minerals that cause scale buildup, make our laundry sti— er, and alter the water’s taste. Mostly because of the flavor, many tourists and olim from countries with softer tap water prefer to use bottled water; but research has shown that the plastic bottles used to store that water can harmful to our health—not to mention the expense, wastefulness, and environmental harm that can come from using only bottled water for drinking.

Enter the water filter. Water filters remove excess minerals, harmful chemicals (like chlorine) or other contaminants, providing you with water that is crystal clear, clean, safe, and tastes great. At Filteryon, an all-inclusive water filter service and drinking device company, you can find a wide variety of water purification solutions.

This type of fi lter consists of a filter system installed beneath the counter with a small faucet mounted on top (normally near the sink). This is probably the best and most efficient solution for people who want better-tasting water for cooking and drinking.
Countertop filters are easy to install and very convenient to use. Levels of filtration range from carbon, single-stage filtration systems to multiple-stage systems and reverse osmosis systems, depending on the level of filtration you require. You can find the full range of models at Filteryon.

This can be a perfect solution if your primary concern with hard water is scale buildup or rust or sand in the pipes. This type of filter is installed, as the name implies, at the point of entry for all the water that flows into your house, so the excess minerals, rust or sand are filtered from all the faucets at once. Filteryon offers several models of this type of filter, such as Hardless and Avniton.

Some refrigerators come equipped with a built-in water filter. These are extremely convenient, and the water comes out fresh and cool. However, the small size of the filters means they clog up quickly, and require frequent replacement. Filteryon carries replacement filters for all the leading brands: Samsung, LG, GE, Whirlpool, Amana, Westinghouse, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Maytag, etc.

If you’d rather not install anything but still want to enjoy the benefits of filtered water, portable pitchers with filters can be a perfect solution. Simply fill the pitcher with water and keep it in the fridge. The most widely recognized and celebrated brand is BRITA; Filteryon carries BRITA pitchers and replacement filters.

If you’re tired of stiff laundry or your dishwasher or washing machine is suffering, then this might be the right solution for you. This type of filter is installed in the pipe that feeds water into the machine. Filtering the water that runs into your dishwasher or washing machine helps it run more efficiently and prevents any damage that might be caused by the accumulation of hard minerals.

The chlorine and hard minerals in tap water can irritate skin and damage hair. This type of filter removes 90% of the chlorine in tap water, and can bring much relief to people with sensitive skin or delicate hair. The filter connects directly to your shower system. Filteryon carries two different models.

If your primary concern is scale, but you don’t want to invest in a water filter, Filteryon offers a few additional options for washing machines, dishwashers, showers, and hot water heaters etc.

Siliphos is a compound derived from milk thistle, and it releases a chemical that inhibits the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. You can purchase siliphos balls or filters that contain siliphos at Filteryon.

Some studies have shown that passing water through a magnetic field can reduce the effects of hard water and prevent the buildup of scale. Filteryon offers two types of magnetic scale prevention devices: a smaller magnet for preventing scale buildup in hot water kettles or urns, and a larger one for washing


Sometimes it’s the temperature rather than the taste or quality of the water that makes it more drinkable. Mini bars and water coolers are popular at offices, clinics, schools and other workplaces where you may not have time to heat up a kettle or a fridge to cool your water. Filteryon offers a huge range of these devices with varying degrees of gadgetry.
One model includes a mini refrigerator; one is even approved by the Tzomet Institute for use on Shabbat; some provide only cool water, some only hot, and some both; one has an option for carbonated water, too!
Some water coolers connect directly to the water system with an option of adding a filter; some, like the Mei Eden unit, use large jugs of water that you can have delivered to your home. At Filteryon you can find everything from small minibars for little office spaces to huge “water bank” water coolers with multiple spigots or multiple-spout water fountains for schools and institutions.

If you love to drink soda but don’t love the expense or the wasted plastic, SodaStream is an amazing option that allows you to carbonate water at home and flavor your soda however you like. Aside from the SodaStream machine, replacement bottles, and refill CO2 tanks, Filteryon carries a wide range of flavoring syrups.

Filteryon also carries a few models of espresso machines and coffee cartridges for all types of espresso.

Filteryon offers every type of filter-related service you can imagine—from installation to maintenance and repair. Their technicians are available for installation, re-installation, or relocation of all types of filters, and will come to your home for repair and maintenance services, or if your device is portable, you can bring it to their lab at Kenyon Achim in Talpiyot, Sunday through Thursday from
9am to 7pm, where they will service it at a reduced price. They also purchase mini bar and water cooler devices from clients who no longer want to use them.

Filteryon can be contacted via their website or on 058-510-0052.


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