Functional Medicine: A Personalized Pathway to Optimum Health By Mordechai Katz, M.S.

Functional Medicine is the science of identifying and addressing specific clinical imbalances that are the root causes of today’s most egregious chronic illnesses. Functional Medicine does not contradict conventional medical diagnoses. Rather, it investigates the patient’s underlying physiological dysfunctions and their causes. This approach is essential today when chronic illnesses are so widespread. 
All chronic illnesses, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, dementia, auto-immunity, and inflammatory bowel syndrome, result from the break-down of complex biological processes.  Chronic illnesses are different than acute illnesses like the flu, measles, or strep throat, because they have no single trigger. Rather, chronic illnesses develop over time through the interaction of genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors. 

Even though we cannot change our genes, they are not our destiny. Our genetic expression – the turning on and off of genes – is largely influenced by our choices. Therefore, decisions we make every day affect our health today, and ultimately promote health or lead us toward chronic illness. Choices regarding nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, relationships and faith, affect our health so profoundly that they are considered by Functional Medicine as the “roots of wellness.” 

Restoring balance and function throughout the whole body promotes complete health and vitality. Functional Medicine incorporates powerful health-promoting choices into a comprehensive, individualized health plan to correct core imbalances cause disease. These core imbalances include; gut dysfunction and dysbiosis, mitochondrial damage, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation, silent infections, heavy metal and environmental toxicity, and insulin resistance.  In contrast, the “one-ill, one-pill” conventional medical approach often focuses on symptom relief and delaying disease progression. 

Chronic illness is complex and addressing core imbalances is unique to every person.  I established The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine in order to help every patient navigate a course towards achieving their personal health goals. They employ today’s latest scientific and medical research to formulate a personalized plan for weight control, metabolic correction, biochemical re-balance and management of chronic illness. 

The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine’s newly acquired Machine Learning Technology uses sophisticated computer science that compares a patient’s basic blood panel from a simple blood test, to over 75,000 lab report findings. A personal graphic profile is generated for each patient that identifies the most important clinical imbalances which promote chronic disease and are obstacles to optimum health. Results are then incorporated into a customized, evidence-based nutrition plan. 

The nutrition protocols developed at The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine are meticulously researched using only the highest quality and most current scientific evidence.  They stay current with the latest scientific conclusions by continuously researching nutrition topics and playing an active role in the nutrition industry. All prescribed therapeutic foods and supplements are thoroughly investigated for clinical efficacy and product quality using professional databases. They do not use foods or supplements that fail to meet the highest industry standards of safety, quality and efficacy. 

Regardless of your goals, The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine will give you peace of mind knowing you’re on a personalized pathway to optimum health. 
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