Healing Cartilage Damage and Scoliosis

Cartilage damage in the knee and ankle joints is a common and incredibly painful condition. When the bones near the joint are too close together, they rub against each other and wear down the cartilage, leading to inflammation, debilitating pain and limited mobility.

This happened to S.B. His doctor prescribed painkillers, but these didn’t treat the root problem: they couldn’t correct the position of the bones or reverse the loss of cartilage. S.B.’s condition worsened until he found Alexander Gorelik. “He saved my legs. He didn’t just sit there and listen, he did the exercises with me and treated me. He felt my pain and showed me how to heal myself.”

Alexander Gorelik, expert in Chinese medicine and corrective exercise, developed his unique method over more than 30 years of experience. “The key to successful treatment is the patient’s persistence and commitment to following instructions,” says Alexander. “Healing occurs when the bones of the joint start moving away from each other, the cartilage loss is halted and space opens up for the body to regrow the cartilage.”

Word got around, and patients began pouring into Alexander’s office from all over Israel. They come with X-rays that clearly indicate cartilage loss in the knees, shoulders or ankles. Y. B., for example, suffered from cartilage loss in both legs. He was treated in the USA by a well-known orthopedist, and even underwent arthroscopy surgery in one knee. The doctors loaded him up on painkillers, but he continued suffering from debilitating pain in his knees and was unable to walk. “I heard about Alexander and decided to give it a try,” he says. “And here I am, healthy and walking on two legs. I weaned myself off the drugs and continue with the exercises every day. The cartilage started to grow back, and the pain disappeared.”

Rina, 16, whose mother is a nurse, developed scoliosis by spending too many hours hunched over the computer. The family doctor gave her painkillers even though she wasn’t in pain! Her mother took her to Alexander, who taught her a number of exercises and treated her with stretches and massage—and the scoliosis disappeared. Another teenager, a student at a well-known ballet studio, was diagnosed with scoliosis and sent to Alexander by her ballet teacher. “Within a month of treatment, my back was completely straight,” she says.


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