Here’s Why You Should Drink More Water (And Four Tips to Help You Do It Easily)

You may already be aware that doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking eight full glasses of fresh water every day, but not everyone knows exactly why. The reason is because our bodies rely heavily on—you guessed it—water, to help it function at its absolute best.

Water not only aids the proper digestion of food but encourages toxins to be flushed, regulates our temperature, and enables vitamins and nutrients to be transported more effectively around our bodies. But that’s not all that water does.

Did you know that mid-morning sugar or salt cravings can actually be caused by thirst, rather than true hunger? Or that dehydration can be the culprit behind headaches and late-afternoon energy slumps? Even if you don’t think you feel thirsty, your body could be sending you one or more of these warning signs to motivate you to drink more water.

Especially with Pesach just around the corner, it is even more crucial that we replenish our stores and refresh our bodies by drinking plenty of water. But this isn’t just because we use up so much energy during pre-Pesach cleaning! Getting enough water before and during the entire week of Pesach will help your body cope with any effects you may feel from drinking four cups of wine during the seder, as well as encourage the proper digestion of a week’s worth of matza.

The health benefits of drinking plenty of water are boundless. Not only will you feel refreshed, brighter, and more energetic with your water levels topped up, you’ll also feel more full and satisfied between meals!

So how can we make sure we get enough fresh water every day? It is easier than you think. Here’s four simple tips that will help you incorporate more water into your day.

  1. Drink a full glass as soon as possible after waking up

One of the most effective ways to sneak an extra glass of water into your day is to drink a glassful as soon as you can after getting up–and yes, this means before you make your first coffee or tea of the day. You will be surprised to realize just how thirsty you were, and will feel wonderfully refreshed and awake afterwards.

  1. Drink a glass before each meal

Another easy way is to remember to drink a full glass of water around 15-20 minutes before each meal or snack. The advantages here are twofold. Firstly, you may discover you weren’t as hungry as you thought (because you were actually thirsty). And secondly, it can help curb cravings, meaning it will be easier for you to make healthier food choices and stick to moderately-sized portions.

  1. Take along a water bottle

Carrying a water bottle is a sure-fire way to help you easily drink more water throughout your day. It will also help prevent you from buying expensive convenience drinks like smoothies, juices, or sodas while you’re out, saving both your wallet and your waistline! In addition, there is a wide range of colorful, designer bottles available that make drinking water—and carrying them around—much more fun.

For warmer months, look for water bottles that come with an internal ice stick. With these, you can freeze the stick overnight and pop it in your water bottle in the morning, so you can sip refreshing, chilled water at work, or any time you’re away from home.

  1. Add a little flavor

Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring! If drinking plain water is difficult for you, there are many different ways you can add flavor, without adding sugar or calories. You can pop in some fresh lemon or apple slices, cubes of melon, or a few springs of mint in your glass or pitcher of water for a nice twist. You can also try making refreshing herbal iced tea with a (non-caffeinated) tea bag.

By following these simple tips, you can easily make drinking water an important part of your day. And best of all, you’ll start reaping the health benefits immediately. Try it and see the difference for yourself!

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