How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets


When you imagine designing a new kitchen, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Let me guess…cabinets!

Indeed. Cabinets are the main and most significant part of the kitchen. Therefore, one should ensure that they are made in the right way and from the right materials. So before we start, just a reminder, a cabinet is made of two parts: the back- the cabinet itself without doors or drawers, and the front- the door, drawer, etc.

The back of the cabinet is usually made from sandwich board, MDF or chipboard. (There is also an option to make them from solid wood but these types of cabinets tend to get warped due to high temperatures and humidity.) Of these three options, sandwich board is the best option. It will cost a little more but will last for years without disintegrating or swelling.

MDF is usually used for the front of the cabinet since it is easier to decorate (engraving,sanding) and lasts a long time in excellent condition. The front coating can be made from several different materials: laminate, wood, polymer, veneer, oven-curing (epoxy) and more. Suitable coatings for different kitchen styles include: solid wood for a rustic style, Formica and epoxy for a modern style, polymer for an English style, etc. You will have to make your decision based on the kitchen style that you want as well as the budget at your disposal.

Tip: Even if you decide to go, for example, with sandwich board coated with Formica (a relatively cheap option that is very resistant), you can greatly upgrade the appearance by using interesting handles.

You are more than welcome to come to our designers to find the perfect fit!

At KITCHENS we’ll pay attention to your needs and preferences, and professionally design a kitchen to your satisfaction.



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