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How to Find the Right Mechanic for your Car

A car owner knows that one thing to avoid is having to bring his car to the shop. But while you might be able to fix some problems yourself, there’s no getting around bringing your car in to the mechanic for most issues that come up. As a mechanic myself, I’ve seen people nearly in tears when they come to me simply out of fear that the visit is going to cost them their next two paychecks. When there’s potential for a large expense, you better be sure you’re dealing with someone you can trust. So, there’s the question: what should you look for in a car mechanic? Go over this list and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Look for a mechanic that will take the time to explain what he’s doing and who can answer your questions. A mechanic who takes pride in his work is more willing to explain what he’s done on the car, and he can explain what’s a safety issue and what’s not. He’ll give you information instead of just doing the job.
  2. Get recommendations. Ask family and friends who they recommend and how they felt working with him. You’ll already get a feel for who’s trustworthy.
  3. Find a place that’s as close as possible to where you are, and see how hard it is to get back from the shop without your car. In some garages, they’ll offer you a loaner while your car’s being fixed. Although garages can fix around 10 to 30 cars a day, they usually only have one or two loaners. At Alef Alef Garage we make it much simpler- we can pick your car up for servicing and return it to you when finished!
  4. Don’t deal with a mechanic who goes ahead and does what he wants and only tells you what he’s done on the car after he’s done the job. Make sure he gets permission to do every job before he performs it and not after. Don’t pay for extra services if you didn’t agree to them.
  5. If you get a quote and you’re not sure if it sounds right, get a second opinion. A good mechanic will advise you on what’s important and what’s not, and will always wait for approval to fix your car. He’ll give fair job quotes and only for what’s necessary.
  6. What does your mechanic specialize in? Four wheel drive? Japanese? Older models? Diesel engines? Some parts of the car, or the whole car, may be sent out to somewhere that specializes in specific parts. Ask if your car is going to be sent out so you can understand who will be working on it.

Remember that it is definitely possible to find a mechanic that fits these criteria, and you won’t have to leave him two paychecks. Be smart, do your research, pay the going rate and have a great experience. And once you car’s ready and back in action, enjoy it!


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