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Insurance Introspection

It’s that time of year again – a time for introspection and checking oneself.

How about this insurance “Cheshbon Ha’Nefesh”?

  1. Have you made a will?
  2. As parents, if something were to happen to you, have you left clear written instructions regarding your children?
  3. Do you have life insurance? Have you reviewed it recently? (Have your agent give you a full list of the amounts that you and your spouse carry.)
  4. Disability Insurance – sometimes this is needed even more than life insurance – for example, if you lose the ability to work for next 25 years, who fills that financial gap? Make sure that your life insurance has a rider including this, or for professionals, a separate policy.
  5. Are you a sachir (employee)? Ask your employer’s insurance agent to give you a breakdown of your Bituach Minhalim (Employer’s Inusrance). Then ask your personal agent if you are getting the best deal.

Today, it is easy to find all the life insurance and pension contributions you have made over the years and get it in an organized format. (Ask us about the “Swiftness” site.)

  1. Supplementary Health Insurance – a child needs a complicated eye operation which can be done best in the US or you need a hernia operation but prefer to go to someone who is not on your Kupah, or someone needs major surgery and you want a second opinion – in all these cases, a private, supplementary health policy would be of great benefit. It is relatively inexpensive – check it out.
  2. Car Insurance – make sure that your car is insured for all drivers who use it (i.e. young/new/temporary/visitors). Always let your agent know, even if someone takes it for a short spin.
  3. Home Insurance – Do you have an assessor’s report for your contents? Have you looked into switching your building insurance (which comes with your mortgage) from the bank to a private insurance company?

The past is history

The future – a mystery

Right now is a gift and that is why we call it “the present”!


Looking back on 2016 / 5776

These were a few of the new insurance ideas that surfaced.

1) Improved Travel Insurance: (e.g. extended coverage for pre-existing conditions, pregnancy up to week 32).

2) Motor Insurance: More options to add on young / new drivers.

3) Health Insurance: Reasonably priced supplementary policies that cover the expensive gaps in the Kupat Cholim coverage.

4) Life / Pension: An option to get all of one’s savings and pensions policies in one official summary (even if you have worked in numerous places). You may not realize how handy this is!

5) Business: Option for cyber coverage – damage caused by illegal hacking into your computers and data base.

6) Life Insurance: Low, discounted rates for term insurance (as companies compete for your business).


Despite all the changes, some things remain the same:

1) Our commitment to giving our clients the best possible professional and personal service.

2) Our desire to go the extra mile in dealing with claims, whether they be small pipes or major illness, we’re here when you need us!

3) Our wish for a year of Bracha and Simcha to all of Israel!



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