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What are the main things a customer should focus on when planning a kitchen?
The kitchen is one of the central parts of the home and some would say the main part. When you are ready to purchase your dream kitchen, there is no doubt that you will focus on functionality and your personal design — this is certainly important. But at the same time, you should remember that purchasing a new kitchen as quite a large expense. Therefore, you should make sure the upgraded kitchen will last you for many years. In designing a kitchen, it’s important to obtain a look that will remain up-to-date over time; trends come and go, but your kitchen will still be here through it all.

How are Israeli kitchens different from their European counterparts?
Despite the European influence on the kitchen realm, remember that the design of your kitchen needs to be compatible with its users. Israeli kitchens are more active than the average European kitchens; we cook more and need to prepare ourselves for larger cooking jobs. Preparations for Shabbat and holidays require that we put an emphasis on the planning and integration of spacious refrigerators, separate sinks and countertops that are all convenient and easy to use, etc.

Besides working with private clients, do you provide kitchens to new building projects?
Yes, in fact, we are doing several projects right now in Jerusalem. They include Har Nof Center, Kiryat Belz, Mitzpe Nof, and Migdalei Bayit Vegan.

Are you open to working with many companies or do you have contracts with only a specific amount of suppliers?
Orchid supports working with all leading companies in the kitchen field — we are not “stuck” on only one specific company. Some of the kitchen hardware and hinge suppliers we work with: Blum, Grass, Hettich, Kessebohmer, etc. Some of the available countertops: Caesarstone, Corian, granite, etc. So you can enjoy the benefits of each reputable company and integrate them wisely to achieve the perfect outcome — a kitchen that comprises all the functions you knew about, as well as those that you’ll only learn about in our studio.

Can you tell us what information clients should have ready for the designer when they come for a meeting in your studio?
Regretfully, quite a few people arrive to design their kitchen and skip right to the last stage: “How much will it cost?” or “How many square meters of cabinet space will we get?” However, in order to answer questions like these, we must first receive all the data and take that into account. What are the customer’s requirements? What are their dreams? What constraints do they have? (i.e., a retaining wall that can’t be torn down) And the list goes on.

Before designing the kitchen, it’s important to specify which appliances you will want to incorporate into it; decide whether you prefer a kitchen that opens to the living room or a closed and concealed kitchen; would you like separate work areas for meat and dairy or would you prefer to work with a double sink; and, of course, measure the exact area in your kitchen before arriving for a price quote.

What sets you apart from other kitchen design companies?
Our company and our designers have extensive experience and a proven field record.

No one wants to discover any unpleasant surprises after their kitchen is installed. For example, the color didn’t come out exactly as you’d thought it would, opening a drawer makes it impossible to open the cabinet next to it, etc.

At our modern studio, with the use of innovative technology, you can see how your kitchen will look before it goes to production. Here you will find revolutionary applications in the field of interior design, as well as a 3-D presentation which will show you the kitchen you’ve ordered on a big screen in our elegant conference room. So you’ll be able to see all the fine details of your kitchen as if it were already built. The drawers opening and closing silently, the delicate finishes that catch your eye, the stylish texture, and the endless possibilities for the different kinds of hardware and hinge systems. Everything is beautifully demonstrated onscreen.

Our top-notch interior designers and architects, assisted by our outstanding computer system and programs, can meet with you at the studio and help you design your kitchen (free of mistakes and properly illustrated) up to the last meticulous detail. This will enable you to not only get an impression of what your future kitchen will look like, but to make changes while still in the planning stage. This helps to move to the execution stage quickly.

At Orchid Kitchens, all designs are implemented with all types of materials (provided they are from the leading companies in the market which bear the official stamp of the Standards Institute) according to the client’s requirements.

What about the high cost of purchasing a new kitchen? Is there any way of saving some money?
The price is definitely an important topic when purchasing a kitchen. We try to caution our clients that sometimes saving money ends up actually being more expensive. You should remember that saving money by hiring unqualified professionals or ordering materials that do not have the official stamp may actually cost you a pretty penny! We pride ourselves that we can provide reasonable prices for all budgets. In comparison with other companies, our prices are very competitive without compromising on quality.



Yirmiyahu 40, Jerusalem



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