Interview with Shabtai of Etgar Bikes

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Go to the Bike Experts

What sets your bike shop apart?

We fill a need in the chareidi and religious world, and provide a vast selection of the best bikes. Before we opened our doors, people in these communities had to rely on private home sales or small stores with just a few types of bikes. We not only have a large range of bikes, but accessories and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. For field trips, our Jerusalem branch also has field equipment such as bags and tents. If you are not sure you want to buy a bike right away, you can rent one and see if you like it. We also have a professional repair service.

Who are electric bikes suitable for?

Anyone who wants to reach their destination quickly and comfortably can ride an electric bike. Yeshiva students and working people use them, as well as parents who need to rush their kids to gan or people who need to make a minyan. Once you try an electric bike, you’ll enjoy the speed and convenience.

What should I consider before purchasing a bike?

First, it’s important to select a bike which is the right size for you. Second, think about what kind of bike you need. Do you prefer a sturdy, heavy-weight bike or a lighter bike for higher speeds? Also, think about bags, water bottles and other accessories for your ride.

What advantages do you have over local community bike shops?

Reasonable prices, expert consumer care, and access to professional repair services, for both regular and electric bicycles, are our forte. We also offer a rental service, and we arrange guided tours of our stores to groups. We are committed to the customer and not to any specific manufacturer. With our large selection, our bike shop will find the right bike for you at the ideal price level.

Unfortunately, Israelis are perceived as being lax regarding wearing helmets, how do you address this serious issue?

We take bicycle safety extremely seriously. That is why we have a large range of helmets and safety accessories. We impress upon each customer the importance of bike safety and having proper gear. We stock helmets of all sizes as well as lights and locks for added security.


Jerusalem: Tuval 1 | Bnei Brak: Kahanamen 24 | Gush Etzion: Tzomet HaGush | Beitar: Rav Shach 46

Modiin Illit: Yehuda HaNasi 24 | Yad Binyamin: In the yeshiva complex

Open 10 AM- 9 PM (Gush Etzion open until 7 PM)

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