Interview with Lior Tal, Manager of BigSport

Big Sport – All the Equipment That You Need to Get in Top Shape

 What is BigSport and how did it all begin?

BigSport is the largest and most professional sporting, fitness and recreational goods store in greater Beit Shemesh.

The store was formerly part of the renowned Devarim Yafim toy store in the BIG shopping center, the oldest one in town. Three years ago the stores split into two separate shops, but still under the same owner, Mr. Yehuda Amar. This allowed each to specialize in its respective field and provide the most relevant and appropriate service and product range to its customers.

The Devarim Yafim store, a gift and toy shop, was relocated to the Big Fashion mall, while BigSport moved to 5 Hatzaba street, Northern industrial zone, Beit Shemesh.


What products do you sell?

BigSport imports and markets a huge range of fitness products, for example:

weights; home and professional fitness equipment; treadmills; exercise bikes; CrossFit equipment; gym equipment; aerobic, yoga and Pilates equipment; boxing equipment and accessories, etc.

Examples of sporting goods include: balls and accessories for all kinds of sports (football, basketball, etc.); tennis equipment; pool equipment and accessories, etc.

Examples of leisure goods include: basketball hoop fixtures for the yard; home trampolines, as well as special safety trampolines with protective netting for the yard; Intex home swimming pools; game tables such as football, pool and ping pong tables, etc.


Tell us about your website.

Our internet site has been around for a long time. It’s a sizeable site, featuring a variety of products, catalogs, essays and articles about sports and nutrition, photo galleries where customers can browse products and see how we installed them by our clients, and more. Bookings can be made through the secure payment site PayPal, or by credit card, either on the phone or on the website itself where they’re protected by the most stringent security standards on the market. After purchase, products can either be delivered door-to-door within seven business days, or picked up from the store straight away.


Why would anyone prefer coming physically to the store instead of ordering online in the comfort of their home?

If you come to the store, you can easily view the range of products on display, and you can get professional advice from our courteous and experienced staff headed by myself and Mr. Yehuda Amar.


What happens when a customer wants a product that you don’t have?

As a large, well-established store, we work with the leading importers and suppliers in the market, so even if we don’t currently have the requested product in the inventory, we’ll do everything we can to obtain the desired product and deliver it to you.


Where do your products come from?

Most of our products are manufactured in the Far East; some come from Israel, Europe and the United States. Regardless, all products undergo strict supervision and meet the most stringent approved SII (Standards Institution of Israel) safety standards for import and marketing of goods.


Name three bestselling products.

Trampolines, home pools and game tables.

We import the Urban Jump brand of trampolines – they’re the safest and highest quality ones, adhering to strict German standards and with a five-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions. We sell the leading brands of pools, Intex and Summer Escape. Game tables come in a variety of types, primarily ping-pong tables and football.


You must sell a lot of pools in the summer – but what’s popular in the winter?

In winter people stay at home more, so they do more exercise and order home fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, multi trainers etc.


How can consumers know if a specific product (at your store or a different one) is of high quality?

Our products live up to the most stringent quality and safety standards. Most products come with one-year warranties at least, and some with up to ten years. No matter what, any product that is defective or fails to give customer satisfaction can be returned, exchanged, or be fully reimbursed, as defined by the terms of the Consumer Protection Act.


Do you have any special sales during the year?

We have a loyalty program granting a fixed 5-10 percent discount year round on almost all products, barring the most exceptional ones. In addition, we make sure to advertise specials throughout the year on our Facebook page and website, or in local advertising magazines.


How can you ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service?

I think that the quality of our service is reflected in the number of returning customers and of new customers coming in through referral from friends, neighbors or family members. We also make our private mobile number available to anyone who wants to ask a question and to receive service on any subject and at any time.


How are your prices relative to those of your competitors?

Our prices are very affordable considering the high-quality products and professional service we provide. We’re located in the industrial area and have a large showroom featuring a variety of different products to try out. Our location in the industrial area rather than a commercial mall means that we can reduce costs and price our products at unbeatable value. What’s more, we actually commit to offering the cheapest price compared with our competitors and the price comparison sites like Zap (


Rechov Hatzaba 5 Beit Shemesh
Sun-Thurs: 9 AM -7 PM
Friday 9 AM- 2 PM
English Speaking Staff At Your Service

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