Ariella Fisher, Professional Makeup Artist

Each Client is A Masterpiece

Interview with Ariella Fisher, Professional Makeup Artist

Ariella Fisher learned in the prestigious Il Mikiage Makeup School, pursuing degrees in Beauty and Master Makeup. Ariella currently specializes in Bridal and Evening Makeup. She is now expanding her knowledge by learning Fashion Makeup in Tel Aviv, which includes professional makeup for models, campaigns, runways and photoshoots.

What inspired you to become a Makeup Artist?
I came from a totally different background with a degree in economics. After my divorce, I wanted some outlet to relax and to bring out my creative side. What happened was that I fell in love with makeup and turned my passion into my career. Each client of mine comes out looking gorgeous, since I put my whole heart into the makeup; each client is a masterpiece for me.

What services do you provide? Do you have staff that works with you?
I provide bridal makeup, evening makeup, casual makeup, shidduch makeup, makeup workshops and women’s beauty evenings which I hold from time to time on a wide range of beauty topics. I work together with a professional hair stylist for a complete beauty service.

How do you make sure a kallah’s makeup stays on for the whole wedding?
I make sure to tell the kallah to hydrate well the week before for supple skin, and to use moisturizer a month before the wedding for more effective application of makeup. I use very high quality products and base products for makeup. In addition, there are special techniques for the application of the makeup. The more skilled the makeup artist, the better the results will be, and long lasting makeup is an indication of this.

How do you pick eyeshadow colors and styles for your clients? Do you base it on their coloring and eye shape? Their clothing? Their preference?
First of all, I like to get to know the client personally, their everyday style and preferences. Since I want my client to be happy I have to be responsive to their needs. For the ideal eyeshadow, I choose the color based on eye shape, size and placement. Each client is beautiful and my techniques are personally tailored to enhance beauty.

What if the client requests something that you think would look awful?
I would patiently explain that while her idea is a very good idea, it would look much better if we applied some of my ideas. I would of course explain the logic behind my techniques.

What is the secret to making a woman feel good about her appearance?
To look for the beautiful attributes and characteristics within her appearance and emphasize them, telling her how unique she is because of them.

Is there really a difference between buying your makeup in a generic beauty store in the mall or at a top-of-the-line makeup company?
Personally I purchase my makeup in top-of-the-line makeup companies in order to guarantee the best results. When buying makeup in generic beauty stores, on the one hand prices are lower, however you have to have some understanding of makeup to know whether the quality is good or not. I have though been surprised many times to come across good products at low cost.

Has there been much change in the methods of makeup application over the past 10 years? How do you keep up to date with any changes?
The makeup trends always change, not just in the past 10 years, but for thousands. Part of my training was learning techniques of makeup application from different periods of time. In order to keep up to date I make sure to acquire as much knowledge as I can through fashion websites, magazines and fashion blogs.

What do you love the most about your job?
I love the process of application of makeup, for me it’s art and the best part is when I hear the WOW at the end result.

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