Interview with Bar Tzvi Septic Truck Services




Tell us about the services you provide.
We are plumbing, water and sewage professionals. We provide reliable service, attractive prices and we guarantee the best work. Our services include: sewer work, solar water heater (dud shemesh) installation, solar panel installation, thermal photography, leak detection, gutter repair, pumping factory and institutional seepage pits, and pipe and sewage system replacement. We provide service in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, Ma’ale Adumim, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in and Gush Dan.

How long have you been in business?
We’ve been in business for over 25 years (three generations!) and have thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.

What is a septic truck?
A septic truck, or “biuvit”, is a special kind of truck that has sophisticated equipment. Most of the large plumbing companies, have special cameras that can photograph the sewer from inside in order to find out what is causing the blockage. The septic truck also has two tanks: one vacuums the contents of the sewer with a long hose, and the other pumps water into the pipes and rinses them out so that we can be sure that everything is totally clean afterwards. In cases of flooding, such as in a parking garage or basement, water can be pumped out with the help of the septic truck.

How does it work?

We use pressure to unclog pipes. The truck can clear a blockage with very strong pressure (160 bar) using water. A strong, targeted stream of water comes out of a special pipe, where the stream can open up the blockage and wash it away. The advantage of using water is that the pipe also gets a general cleaning, which will help prevent future blockage by washing away any grease buildup that has started to collect on the pipes.

It is important to use a knowledgeable company for opening any blockages, as the method of clearing a blockage can vary according to what the cause of the blockage is. A reputable company should also explain to the client how to avoid such blockages in the future.

What types of institutions and businesses use your services?
Not only private homes and apartment buildings need the services of septic trucks. There are many large businesses such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations and factories, as well as institutions like hospitals whose sewage systems are complex and who use their sewage systems at a very high frequency. They need our services on a regular basis in order to keep everything in working order and to prevent any future sewage problems.

Additionally, the law prohibits throwing grease into the regular sewage pipes, in order to prevent pollution, etc.; therefore in every institution that has a kitchen, or uses grease for other purposes, they have a grease trap where they drain all their oils. When it fills up, we pump it out –with our septic truck – and dump the grease in an approved site.

Why are there so many plumbing problems in Israel?
There are sewage systems all over the country that have been built improperly or are very old.

As a result, there are many problems such as blockage, unsuitable pipes, incorrect installation of infrastructure and more. Our septic trucks can temporarily solve these problems by pumping out the water and drying these areas. These issues occur frequently during the winter when it rains and the water drains mostly to one place – this is the main reason for flooding. Another reason for problems, such as blockages, is homeowners’ failure to properly maintain their homes’ sewer systems. It’s important to remember not to throw paper or anything else into the toilet. The sewage system is very sensitive and we need to treat it with care.

What causes recurring problems in sewage systems?
Sometimes improper use can cause problems, like blockages. In addition, an old sewage system also leads to recurring problems. Generally, one should replace the pipes every 20 years. In many cases, rusty, cracked pipes are very problematic and there’s no choice but to replace the pipes or the entire system. A well-established and experienced company will be able to examine your system and even replace it for you if necessary.

Once it was much harder to find where the problem was coming from, but today the sophisticated equipment and the advanced technology available have made it possible to quickly get to the root of the problem and then act accordingly. An ordinary run-of-the-mill plumber who doesn’t have the necessary equipment won’t be able to help in these instances.

What usually causes a blockage? There are various explanations for what causes a blockage:

  1. Tree roots penetrating into the sewer
  2. Accumulation of oil and dirt which then turn into hard clumps inside the sewage tunnels
  3. Disposal of items such as cotton balls, baby wipes, hygiene products, Q-tips, and diapers into the sewage system. It’s not a good idea to try and open a blockage on your own. If you’re not a professional this can cause more damage to the system. Our plumbing company has special cameras, which help us to find the source of the problem very quickly. Without professional service, a plumbing problem is liable to shut off an entire house or business.

How do these cameras work?
Even in the plumbing world, technology has really helped us to advance. The camera is connected to a screen which allows us to identify in real time what the cause of a problem is  if there is something broken or if there is a leak or blockage in a pipe or manhole. This sophisticated equipment benefits both the customer and our company. It is especially beneficial to our customers because it saves the extra expense (money and time) of having to break walls in order to find the leak or the reason for the blockage. It’s also very helpful for us because it saves us time and extra manpower. Thanks to the camera the work gets done in an efficient and timely manner. In addition, the customer receives a disc at the end with pictures of the inside of the pipe.

Do you have other high-tech equipment?
Another area that our company specializes in is a thorough check and repair of maza”chim -moneh zrima chozeret (backflow prevention device). Every place and business that uses two different sources of liquids has installed a backflow preventer. This system needs to be under supervision and tested annually. It is important to note that in order to install, repair or even to check a backflow preventer, a company needs to be certified by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, our company specializes in the purification and disinfection of water reservoirs. There are buildings that have water reservoirs on their roof, which need to be checked and purified every few months. Our company has been accredited by the Ministry of Health in order to be able to provide this special service.

When should one call the plumber to find the source of a leak?
When you see that your water bills are higher than in previous months, or you notice the paint peeling from a specific place on the wall or there are signs of mold on the walls or ceilings, it’s time to call the plumber. We can locate the leak quickly and efficiently. In many cases, we find more than one leak and can fix everything before too much damage is caused. If you have home insurance, there’s a large chance that the insurance company will be able to cover the expenses for the leak damage and repairs. We can provide a detailed report describing where the leak is located so that you know the exact location of the leak in your home.

For those of us who live in apartments, how can you tell if the leak is coming from ours or the neighbors’ home?
When it comes to residential apartment buildings, it may be difficult to know if the leak is coming from the neighbor or not. You’ll need to investigate. The best way to check is with a professional plumbing company who can locate the leak. If you (hopefully) are on good terms with your upstairs neighbors, you’ll be able to share the expenses with them if the leak is discovered to be coming from their apartment – which is usually what happens.




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