Breathing New Life into a Successful Pharmacy Chain

The Big Fashion Beit Shemesh branch of Super-Pharm recently welcomed a new manager, Adi Levy. Adi has been with Super-Pharm for 19 years and is passionate about customer service and investing in staffΠand their professional development. We interviewed him about his experience with Super-Pharm and how he hopes to improve the branch under his management.

What do you bring to Super-Pharm Beit Shemesh?
The fact that we are a large organization means we can provide a service that excels in many different areas. We abide by the strictest standards, from the Ministry of Health as well as from our own
organization, in terms of product quality, employee professionalism and service.

We are also meticulous about supply and demand—ensuring that our stores carry a sufficient supply of each product, so customers know they can always find what they need on our shelves. That level of professionalism and excellence is very important to me.

Can customers expect more products from the Super-Pharm Life brand?
Yes, absolutely. Expanding the Life brand is one of our goals, and its portfolio grows every quarter. We have been covering more and more market areas—even areas we didn’t originally plan to enter, such as baby cereals. Life is a generic brand of equal standing, or even better quality, than other available brands. We are able to offer better prices because we are the supplier and the retailer; we cut
out the middleman.

What kind of vibe do you bring to the branch?
I hope to inspire my staff to strive for excellence. That’s how I was raised and it’s very important for me. I’ve made some changes to the visual aesthetic of the store, because I want it to look like a high class, professional pharmacy. More than that, of course, I want to inspire the staff to offer the best in customer service, and to match my expectations in terms of knowledge, helpfulness and courtesy.

What is the make up of your staff?
Very diverse! Super-Pharm makes a point of integrating all kinds of people into its family of employees: men and women, working mothers and fathers and young students. Our pharmacists are from the, religious, haredi, secular and Arab sectors. We place a strong emphasis on equal opportunity and take pride in the
diversity of our personnel.

What does Super-Pharm Big Fashion get right?
I’ve worked in many different stores in different areas before, and one thing I can say about the community of Beit Shemesh is that they are very warm. There’s a family-like atmosphere. That atmosphere permeates the store and influences how we operate.

What additional services do you offer at your branch?
We employ an optometrist who offers professional eye exams. And, if you purchase a pair of glasses, the eye exam is free. It’s known that Super-Pharm revolutionized the optics markets a decade ago and we still play a part in the competition.

Any tips for Beit Shemesh residents to get the most out of their Lifestyle membership?
First of all—the membership is nationwide, not specific to Beit Shemesh, so you can enjoy the benefits at any Super-Pharm in the country. Secondly, I highly recommend downloading our app. We are very proud of it! It’s available in your phone’s app store, and it’s the #1 most downloaded app in Israel. The app includes all the coupons you would receive in the mail from your Lifestyle membership, plus some that are exclusive to the app, so it’s always worth taking a look. The app also gives all the information you might need about all the Super-Pharm branches in the country.

Do staff members of Super-Pharm enjoy continuous professional development?
Absolutely. Super-Pharm invests a great deal in its employees. We send all our employees—without exception—to training and professional enrichment programs.
All employees receive training from the organization specific to their professional field; this is in addition to the basic professional training they receive from the store and the educational software
we provide. We also offer relevant training to employees who are transitioning from one job to another—for example, an employee who is moving into a management position will be offered a course in management.

We are very proud of our academy—and it’s all in-house. We have a catalog of courses that employees can
choose from. We offer incentives to pharmacists by giving extra benefits to those who take certain enrichment courses. It’s very important to us to invest in our employees’ knowledge and expertise.

What online services does Super-Pharm offer?
Super-Pharm has been investing a great deal in its online presence and availability and has joined the online shopping revolution. Our online store is stocked with the full range of products, including
over-the-counter drugs. You can either have your local Super-Pharm prepare your order and come pick it up at your convenience without waiting in line and at no additional cost, or have it delivered right
to your door for a small fee. You can also order and pick up your prescriptions at your convenience using our Click-Pharm service. These services are all accessible through the Super-Pharm website.

What’s the most popular type of product in Beit Shemesh?
I would say Beit Shemesh particularly loves cosmetics and perfumes—that’s the category that stands out. We carry a wide range of cosmetic products, both from the more economical, mass-market category and the higher-end brands. The higher-end brands have complex distribution policies and don’t always let
us carry their brands in every store, soour supply can differ from store to store.
But we have just introduced a wonderful Italian brand called Milluca, this will be exclusively distributed by Super-Pharm. The prices are excellent and the quality is first-rate.

Are people taking advantage of the coupons on your website?
Yes, definitely. We have noticed a shift from the use of printed media to digital. We can measure this, because a customer can connect to my register to take advantage of the coupon, and that way we
can tell when a customer who could have used a printed coupon used a digital one instead. That percentage is growing consistently.

What is your vision for Super-Pharm Beit Shemesh?
The thing that is the most important to us is customer service. I used to tell potential employees that we are in competition with other retailers; today, we are also in competition with the internet. At the end of the day, they all sell the same products. The only added value I can provide is the level of service and the personal connection. People will come back if they have a positive experience. That’s
what I’m most concerned with and that’s where I’m investing most of my resources.

Do you have any special offers for the holidays?
Yes, absolutely, for every holiday. We know that Beit Shemesh residents like to receive information via print media, so we invest in advertising in local print publications more than we do in other areas in Israel, and you will find notices of our special offers in local publications.

Super-Pharm is the largest and most popular pharmacy chain in Israel. Super-Pharm Big Fashion is located in the Big Fashion Mall, Yigal Alon 3, Beit Shemesh.

Adi Levy can be reached directly at

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