Interview with Gadi from Canaan Studio

Using T-Shirt Marketing to Succeed in your Business

What is Canaan?

Canaan Studio is a factory that prints shirts, clothing and other promotional items for businesses, organizations and individuals.

When did the company begin and how?
The company was founded in Kibbutz Tzora in 1985 as a kibbutz factory that made dolls for tourists on site. The dolls were dressed in printed shirts, and subsequently the factory became what it is today.

What items do you sell?
Shirts, hats, work clothes, bags, conference bags, and promotional items like: mugs, pens, keychains, disk-on-keys, towels, water bottles, etc., all printed with the clients’ company logo.

What are the advantages of using a printed shirt for marketing purposes?
On trips and special events, printed shirts have three main advantages:

  1. Distinguishes the group
  2. Unites the team
  3. Useful souvenir of the event

If you yourself are an employee, recommend it to your boss. Here are a few reasons why: A unique and well-designed printed t-shirt catches people’s eyes and brings them that much closer to the product you’re trying to sell. When your company arranges a party for a holiday or takes a trip, it’s recommended to give out printed t-shirts or caps as souvenirs of the event. This gives employees a feeling of belonging, and gives the company the appearance of an organized, united group.  They are  not only on special occasions – wearing the t-shirts in the office every day gives employee and client the impression of a serious, responsible team and reliable service.

In addition to these advantages, in many workplaces employees can dirty or tear their clothes while working. Organizing workclothes for everyone is a simple solution to this problem. It also prevents discomfort for employees who can’t afford a wardrobe for every work day.

In most cases, employees really enjoy printed t-shirts, and by wearing them they contribute to the company’s marketing and provide portable advertising for the company. The t-shirts are inexpensive presents and contribute to employee satisfaction and company’s exposure. You can only gain by printing the company’s logo on to t-shirts for your workers.

Besides companies, what other uses  are there for printed t-shirts?
Events, birthdays, camps, sports events, parades, groups, weddings, end-of-the-year events, business trips; the list is endless.

Who are your clients?
Companies, organizations, factories, small businesses, youth movements, schools, individuals, camps, families and all types of groups.

Why do your clients choose Canaan Studio over the others?
People know us and trust us. We have been around. We have reliable quality service and our professional work is guaranteed.

What about a company that doesn’t have a logo?
We provide graphic artists when necessary, to create logos or to design shirts.

Is it worthwhile for small companies to “dress” their staff with promotional items or is it only for larger companies?
Large and small companies should do their best to brand themselves internally. I would add that giving promotional items to as many clients as they can is a great marketing strategy.

Tell us about your new location.
In the beginning of 2016 we moved out of the kibbutz to a larger more accessible location in Har Tuv. Most of the companies and organizations that we work with are from the greater Bet Shemesh area and its surroundings. This location accommodates us for growth and is easily accessible to our clients.

What are your plans for the future? What is your vision?
We want to be recognized as a company that not only manufactures company clothes and promotional items, but also as a company that can help you advance your general marketing strategies.

Any additional word of advice?
When you print your shirts, do it with a leading company with plenty of experience and  can meet deadlines, give you a warranty, and service you all the way, and – most importantly – that’s close to you!

Canaan is located in Har Tuv, just outside Bet Shemesh – Contact numbers 02-9908250 or 1-700-727-722.


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