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The Delights of Paris in Israel

Yehudit Zak was born in France and made aliyah 30 years ago, bringing her culinary talents and love of good food with her. Her gourmet catering company, Delices de Paris, oŒers the finest French cuisine to delight guests at all types of events. Yehudit currently lives in Modiin Ilit and has taught cooking, baking, cake decorating and chocolate making courses.

What is your background and how did you learn the trade?
I’ve loved the kitchen from a very young age. I was always drawn to the industry, and I was
already catering small events at the tender age of 14 and it just grew from there. I always loved
trying new things and inventing new recipes, and thank G-d, I have succeeded.

What sort of events have you catered?
When I first made aliyah, I began catering weddings. Over the years I catered high-end events of all types, from boutique 15-guest events, to events with 1000 guests. I also taught baking and decorating courses and led a cooking workshop, both in Jerusalem. I have extensive experiences as a dessert chef in 5-star hotels for kosher getaways in Europe.

What’s on your menu?
Our menu is diverse and can be adapted to all types of events, or changed according to the
client’s wishes.

Dairy catering is often considered less “fancy” than meat catering. Do you think that’s justified? What are the advantages of a dairy menu?
We offer both dairy and meat catering. But the approach that meat is better than dairy is incorrect.
First of all, women tend to prefer dairy—and so do many men. A dairy meal with fresh fish cooked in cream can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a juicy steak.
Delices de Paris o”ffers particularly high-quality dairy catering. What’s the diff”erence between your service and that of the average dairy caterer?
In many cases, they make the food look beautiful, but the taste is disappointing. Our most prominent advantage is that the exquisite presentation is not where it ends and flavor doesn’t take a back seat to that presentation.

As a native of France, what do you think is missing from the Israeli kitchen, that you would recommend adding to the pantry or fridge? Are there French products you miss?
In the past, I would bring high-quality cheeses, peas, and extra fine green beans from France, as well as fruit pastes for ice creams and other dessert ingredients. Today, thank G-d, you can find all these things in Israel.

And now the opposite: what do you think French cuisine can learn from Israeli kitchens? Are there Israeli items you would recommend to the French?
The Israeli kitchen excels in the use of fresh vegetables and salads, and that’s something the French culinary world is starting to learn. It is also true that the flavor, not the aesthetic appeal, of Israeli vegetables is far superior to that of European vegetables.

What do you do to improve and refine your craft? Is there an artistic element in your work?
I love to watch young, innovative chefs and learn new techniques from them—giving everything my own twist, of course. In practice, dessert making is a true art form. Producing beautiful cakes and decorating pies takes an artistic eye and delicate touch.

What’s your favorite dessert?
I would say a large macaron with diplomat cream and berries, because it integrates a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. This is a dessert we serve at high-end events.

Do you design special cakes for bar and bat mitzvahs?

Yes, I do, and I design a pièce montée for events—a decorative confectionary centerpiece. These elements add a unique flair to the dessert bar.

What do you love most about your business?
The best thing to see, after a day of running around preparing things, is the satisfaction and joy on the faces of the guests, and to know that we have produced yet another unforgettable event.

Delices de Paris is a gourmet catering company offering the finest of French cuisine at all types of events.
Delices de Paris is under the supervision of Badatz Chug Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva.

They can be contacted on 054-452-1953 or via email:

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