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What is Every Event?
We offer complete catering and party planning services.

Clients can hire us for catering, party planning or both. Having one company in charge of everything makes the event much more manageable. Since everything is completely coordinated, you don’t have to worry about something falling through the cracks.

What is your vision?
Our vision is to bring American style, five-star catering to Israel. This not only refers to the food, but also the ambiance created through the setup, décor and professionalism of our staff.

Can you discuss in further detail the three components of the catering experience: food, décor and staff.
Our first course includes great American-style salads with an option of different types of fresh fish, liver or chicken dishes. For the entrée, we offer a variety of meats and chicken, with side dishes all beautifully plated and served French style. Our meals always end with a delicious, classy dessert.

One of the secrets to our cooking is that each dish has its own unique blend of spices. When you taste our dishes, you’ll notice that each one has a blend of seasonings to complement it specifically. There is no one-spice-fits-all approach.

For the décor, our clients are involved choosing the color scheme and coordinating it with tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and flowers. The choices are based on event type, season and of course, the client’s personal style and preferences.

The table set up is very much enhanced by our modern and stylish dishes and impressive centerpieces.

With our friendly and approachable team, every one of your guests is taken care of, ena   ling the host to relax and enjoy the simcha.

Who are your clients?
Our clients are Anglos looking for a high-level catering experience. People are drawn to different aspects of our business. Some are more attracted to using a more gourmet caterer, while others come because they love the set up and decor. We also service Anglos who are coming from the US to make an event here and need everything taken care of down to the last detail, including flowers, hall, musician etc.

What type of events do you do?
As our name implies, we do all types of events. We make beautiful upscale events in many halls, like bar mitzvahs, sheva brochos and engagement parties. This includes regular sit-down affairs, buffet-style and outdoor garden events. We also love to coordinate creative, out of the ordinary events. Wbe love brainstorming with clients and working out all the logistics in creating an affair to remember.

We are delighted to announce that we are currently expanding into servicing weddings and are very excited to offer attractive packages to our customers. It is worthwhile to contact us if you are looking for a beautiful and memorable wedding experience which will reduce much of the regular wedding-planning stress!

Can you give us an example of one of the more creative events that you did?
 We once did an outdoor birthday party in the Golan. It was really spectacular. We arrived there early Friday morning to set up the food and tents, and when the guests arrived (via helicopters!) they were treated to a scrumptious breakfast. Lunch followed their recreational rafting trip.

We also once did a fabulous wedding on the roof of Aish HaTorah in the Old City.

What is the key to a successful event?
The key is in the atmosphere. Every detail has to be coordinated and on time so that when the guests and especially the hosts walk in, the atmosphere is calm and inviting. There is always a feel of elegance and celebration; there are no harried staff members and waiters running around.

Our specialty is in customizing the affair for you. Whatever special touch you desire or extra request you have, we do our utmost to accommodate. This includes any special dietary considerations – we can accommodate our menu to your needs, or set aside a special portion for one of your guests as needed.

Who is on staff at the events?
My husband or myself attend every affair. We also have a friendly head waiter on premises, who speaks English and Hebrew. Our waiters are all trained, English-speaking young adults. We do not use teenagers, and we never hire “just anyone”. Our waiters aren’t satisfied with just serving the food, cleaning up and leaving. They are looking to help, and make a more pleasurable dining experience. They are attentive to the needs of every guest.

How do you keep your clients calm when planning a large event?
When a client comes in to meet with me and sees that I am calm and competent, it is automatically reassuring. Once we go through all the details and everything starts to fall into place, the client sees their event taking shape and really happening.

Additionally, I am sure to properly utilize my people skills. Sometimes I will present more ideas or show pictures of previous events, enabling the client to make confident decisions.

Can you tell us a story of something that went wrong and how you overcame it.
We had an event where the client ordered for 100 people and 150 people showed up. In general, we try to do everything  to make sure  the hosts aren’t uncomfortable or embarrassed at their own simcha. In this particular case, the client had ordered two main dishes for each guest, so instead of giving everyone one of each, we gave each guest one dish. If there was no other recourse, we would have even gone and brought in a few portions from a takeout place, in order to make sure everyone had something.

Of course, there are always glitches like a power outage an hour before Shabbos, or a problem with the gas right when we are getting ready to cook a huge order. Generally saying some tehillim is the best hishtadlus to do. When these situations arise, it’s most important to be there in the moment and keep focused on the details without getting worked up and turning it into a crisis.

What part of your business gives you the most satisfaction?
Creating the beauty and creating joy.

I love seeing a stunning affair come together; just stepping back ten minutes before the guests arrive and admiring how beautiful everything is.

Additionally, I really appreciate when the clients come to us after the affair and tell us how much they enjoyed it. It’s a tremendous feeling knowing that we were able to help make the simcha.

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