Illuminate Your Surroundings Interview with Avi Koritz of LED Plus

LED Plus is a chain of stores that offers cutting-edge lighting solutions for homes and businesses. LED light bulbs offer many advantages over their older counterparts, and LED Plus helps their customers leverage these advantages to illuminate spaces in the most functional, economical and aesthetically pleasing light possible. We asked Avi Koritz, CEO, about the chain and what LED lighting technology has to offer.

Tell us about the recent developments in your business

For many years we were involved in big projects like schools, stores, yeshivot and shuls. We accumulated a lot of experience in the industry, and we still work with institutions and building projects. After all these years working with big projects, however, we expanded our customer base to bring our expertise to individual homeowners. We help them use lighting to make their homes beautiful and functional or showcase their art or furniture in literally the best light possible.

How long have you been running a business in Bet Shemesh?

We have branches in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Beitar, and recently opened another in Beit Shemesh a year ago.

Who are your customers?

Institutions, businesses, and individuals who want high-quality lighting for their home or business.

What range of light fixtures do you offer?

We have a beautiful showroom where we have all our options on display. We offer everything from the simple and practical to the dazzling and elaborate; there are many varieties and styles of light fixtures, accessories, spotlights… in short, anything to do with lighting. Whatever you might be looking for—modern, classic, elegant, practical for kids—we have it here. Our specialization is LED.

What are the advantages of LED?

LED is superior to fluorescent or incandescent in every imaginable way. First of all, LED is more efficient by an order of magnitude. LED light bulbs consume a fraction of the electricity consumed by other types, and they last much longer; about 30,000 hours. So they’re much better for the environment and your pocket.

Second of all, LED is far more versatile. There’s a much wider range in terms of the strength and quality of the light they emit, so you can choose the right type of light for your environment, providing just the right amount of light to see everything clearly without being harsh on the eyes. The light can be “cooler” or “warmer” depending on the atmosphere you prefer in the room. The bulbs are also available in a much wider range of sizes and shapes, making it possible to use them in ways you’d never be able to use other kinds of light bulbs.

What is unique about your business?

We offer not only the widest range of LED fixtures in the area, but also lighting consultation. You may have a beautifully designed home, with decorative light fixtures, but if it’s not illuminated properly, you won’t be able to enjoy it. Our experts come to your home and advise you on what type of lighting would be most practical and complementary to your space, and we will provide the necessary fixtures and accessories so you don’t need to shop around.

Additionally, unlike others in the industry, we’re very hands-on in terms of customer service. We invest a lot in ensuring that our customers have a great product that satisfies them.

Can interior designers come to consult with you?

Of course! We have a whole department that works with interior designers. We understand their needs and devote our time and attention to help them achieve perfect results.

How have changes in technology affected your business?

LED used to be an expensive technology, and not long ago it was a questionable investment. Thankfully, the technology has become much cheaper and more ubiquitous. Today LED light bulbs costs the same as other types but provide so many more benefits.

What guarantees do you offer for your light fixtures?

We offer a warranty of up to two years on all products, but our service guarantee is much longer: return customers get full service at any time after two years. We’ve never turned away a customer who wanted to get something fixed because it wasn’t under warranty.

What are your hopes for the future of your business?

At the moment it’s to continue to provide the best service available to our customers. We’d love to see the field of LED lighting grow and develop, and we’d love to open more stores and service more locations in the future.

Led Plus is located at Beit Shemesh: Shaarei Hair Mall (next to Rami Levy), 02-502-0300; Yerushalayim: Kanfei Nesharim 3, 02-502-0302; Beitar; Panim Meirim 3, 02-502-0301

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