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We had the pleasure to speak with Benjy Isenberg, CEO and lead Travel Manager for Moishy’s Travel to find out what services they offer for the Jewish traveler:

Tell us about Moishy’s Travel.
We launched in 2015 with two core business areas. We’re a hotel-focused international travel agency providing expert travel services for Jewish travelers worldwide. We specialize in family and group travel. So whenever (and wherever) your family and friends are planning a kosher vacation we can help: Pesach, Succos, summer vacation, winter break. Our other core area is of course Israel, where as an incoming tour operator we offer custom tour planning, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, shul and community missions, wedding and event planning. We’re proud to be a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) – and one of the few members in Israel.

I thought the internet had travel agents on their way out?
The internet did have an impact on the industry as a whole, but agents have adapted and become a new breed of travel consultant. Our niche is Jewish travelers. Along with personal service, our clients often want us to consider Shabbos, kashrus, location near shuls, mehadrin hescherim and more when planning their travel. We’re dealing with more complex family and group hotel and travel arrangements that just can’t be done online.

What are the main advantages a client has when booking through you?


  • Attentive customer service for the best travel solutions.
  • A travel consultant able to offer expert advice on hotels and vacation planning. In Israel, our team regularly visits many of the hotels our clients want in order to get first-hand knowledge of the hotels, make a personal connection with management, and are very familiar with the hotel.
  • A one-stop-shop that can offer a range of options for hotels, flights, travel insurance and other travel arrangements in Israel or worldwide.

Many people don’t realize that the rates travel agents can access are usually better than the general public can get.

Do local Anglos use your services or do you cater primarily to tourists and visiting family? Can you give us some examples of clients you’ve worked with?
Both — local Anglos looking to travel either within Israel or abroad — be it for vacation or back to the “old’” country to visit family and friends, as well as tourists. Here are a few examples:

We assisted a family (some based in the US, some here) who came to us with a challenge to create a vacation that allowed them to come together. The US-family wanted a more luxury high-end experience, while for the Israel-based family Kashrus and Shabbos arrangements were paramount. We found a villa with a private pool, but there were safety considerations with young children so we managed to negotiate to get the owner to put in a safety fence.

Another family we assisted (again some US visitors, some here) wanted a family reunion and celebration for their grandparents at a hotel with facilities and reliable  kashrus. We took the initiative to get the hotel to give a free upgrade for the grandparents.

Another, more simple example is a family from Ramat Beit Shemesh. They went back to the US for summer vacation and we assisted with flights and car rental.

How did you get started in the travel sector?
My degree is actually in Hotel Management and I worked for Marriott Hotels in Chicago, USA. After working in other sectors, on returning to Israel I worked for two wholesale travel companies. I felt I could do a better job of providing American-style customer service. Ever since my experience at the Marriott and experiencing American customer service first-hand, I was passionate about it.

I understand Moishy’s Travel is organizing a Pesach program with Rabbi Yaacov Haber at Nir Etzion Resort Hotel, Israel – please tell us more!
Your readers may be familiar with our own recently launched brand. We’re very excited about our first Pesach with Rav Yaacov Haber at the Nir Etzion Resort Hotel, just south of Haifa, where we have found an excellent “home.” We’re one of the few programs able to offer a very high-level hechsher, heated indoor pool with separate swimming, plus family/kids program and gourmet cuisine. We still have some rooms available and partial-stay packages. See for more info.


Israel (02) 560-9413

USA (718) 425-3198

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